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Best Tracking Apps

Parents do not need to buy a clever device to track a child’s geo location. It is enough to install a mobile app. We will tell you about the most popular programs with which you will know exactly where your baby is.

Children often do not appreciate their parents’ care and, therefore, do not even bother to warn them that they are delayed at school or in the sports section. Adults in this situation have to worry as if their child did not happen.

Avoiding such worries is easy enough if you use one of the best tracking apps, available in huge quantities on Google Play and AppStore.

Reasons to Use Phone Tracking Apps for Parents

Tracking apps for parents on the phone are needed to enable parents to monitor their child’s whereabouts and the processes that occur on their smartphones.

The need to install parental controls on a child’s phone can arise due to various situations, for example, fear that something will happen to the child on the way to school, getting into bad company, or the desire to limit the child’s access to inappropriate content for his age. 

When the virtual world sucks in not only you but also your child, you begin to think about safety. What does he read there? Who does he correspond with, and what videos he watches?

At the first threat, a parent frantically rushes into action with the virtual enemy, cutting off unwanted content. Below, we will talk about weapons for parents, not of mass destruction.

What Are Parental Tracking Apps?

Parental control is an application or program that restricts certain functions of gadgets: smartphones and laptops. Parental control applications protect your child from unfavorable sites and prolonged exposure to the Internet or games.

Usually, the application is installed only on the child’s phone. At the same time, a separate desktop can be created with approved apps and features. Another option is a complete ban or warning when using unwanted software.

Mobile operating systems have minimal monitoring functions and will only be effective for young children. And those who have already mastered the basics of web surfing will have to be controlled by more advanced methods, namely using unique applications.

How Do Cell Phone Tracking Apps for Parents Work?

To date, there are two critical types of programs for cell phone tracking a child over the Internet:

  • the simplest, designed to determine the coordinates of the location and prohibit visits to several sites;
  • They are complicated, allowing us to determine remotely where the child is and what he does with the gadget (visiting sites, reading messages, ability to listen to conversations, controlling the phone functions, etc.).

The most straightforward programs are suitable for younger children, while complete parental control of various kinds of gadgets is used during the teenage years.

The principle of work of best phone tracking apps for parents of this type consists of installing the specialized program on the phone of the parents and the child. When the GPS function is turned on, the location data of the monitored smartphone is determined and sent to the parent’s phone.

Best tracking apps for parents

Most parents don’t have the time or knowledge to choose the best tracking apps for parents. No one would argue that keeping an eye on a first-grader and a senior needs to be different.

In addition, the choice depends on the smartphone’s platform. We have saved your time, studied the current research of experts, divided the apps by grade, and selected the options worthy of attention among them.

1. uMobix for iPhone and Android

uMobix is one of the top tracking apps that allows you to monitor your Android/iPhone cell phone remotely while remaining completely invisible, unnoticed.

uMobix was originally designed as a parental control program with which parents can monitor almost all of their children’s mobile device activity on Android and iOS (iPhone/iPad) platforms. You can control the device remotely, keeping your child safe online and in everyday life.

uMobix has been used successfully as an employee monitoring apps for parents. Employers monitor their actions, improving employee performance and getting the ability to avoid leaking valuable information.

2. iKeyMonitor with GPS

iKeyMonitor is a fantastic app developed for Android and iOS devices. It allows parents to monitor their child’s mobile phone activity, which includes monitoring calls, reading messages, and tracking location. The app is undetectable, provides remote access, and is very easy to install with little or no technical knowledge.

iKeyMonitor boasts more features than any other free tracking app on this list or the market today. It works great on Android and iOS devices and will satisfy users’ need for an extensive phone spying experience. However, it is costly to unlock its advanced features.

3. FamiSafe

FamiSafe is a popular app for tracking and monitoring devices that parents use. With the FamiSafe app, you can remotely control your children’s Android and iOS devices.

In addition, FamiSafe’s location tracking feature allows you to keep track of your child’s whereabouts. In addition, you can also set all kinds of restrictions on your device and control its use.

After getting a FamiSafe subscription, install the FamiSafe app on your child’s smartphone. When logging in to FamiSafe, ensure that both devices are on the same network.

Once you’re done setting up, you can choose the type of data you want to track on your child’s device. They will know there is a FamiSafe parental control app and continue following the device.

You can switch to the FamiSafe GPS tracking app and access a wide range of monitoring functions and restrictions in your account later.

4. Find My Kids

The Find My Kids App is a beautiful parental control app that allows parents to see where their child is at any time. This application also helps parents check on their child’s attendance at school and monitor their child phone usage to take action if needed.

It can also keep track of a child’s battery life and send an alert when it runs low. Some features allow parents to chat with their children using stickers.

The app is free to download on Android and iOS devices. You can use it without a subscription to access all of the features. The free version offers three recordings of surrounding sound daily, an SOS signal, and a chat feature.

The free tracking apps for parents also helps you monitor your child’s battery life and allows you to check in on their app usage and location. The app’s intuitive interface lets you track your child’s movements anytime.

Another great feature of the Find My Kids App is the ability to record conversations. It also lets you know when your kid has been talking to other people on the phone. The app is an excellent way to fight bullying. Parents can even view their kids’ activities and delete the distracting apps.

5. Cocospy

The feature-rich CocoSpy application is one of the most trusted and secure spyware. It is designed to monitor and track the target device to control employees, partners, friends, loved ones, children, etc.

CocoSpy is a program for comprehensive surveillance of modern mobile and portable gadgets, successfully used in more than 190 countries worldwide.

Its advantages include various functionalities, complete secrecy, and battery consumption savings. The software is distributed in two main formats of installation files: .ipa and apk – for iOS and Android, respectively. Regular and new users have acknowledged CocoSpy on the official website and many popular portals.


So, if you want to be a universal mom or dad, install a few assistant location tracking apps for parents. But do not clog your phone with a dozen of such programs.

You can easily get confused and, ultimately, not appreciate the capabilities of each of them. Choose the best, free up more time for normal communication and play with your baby and enjoy motherhood!

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