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Video and audio transcription is a popular request on the Internet. Many people are interested in high-quality online tools that can help transform video or audio material into text fast.

Here we are going to find “Why Transcription Service are very popular? and “how to choose Best Transcription Services on the web? 

Best Transcription Services For Audio & Video To Text

There are different reasons why the use of transcription services might be quite helpful. If you need to transcribe audio to text professionally, it’s better to turn to the expert online service.

Why? It’s a quick and proven way to get the best results with your task. Let’s learn more about the use of online transcription service tools and find out which ones are the best on the market.

Top 10 best online transcription services

It’s time to find the best online tools that can help you with regular tasks. If you ever wondered how other people could cope with the scope of material, it’s time to reveal the secret.

You don’t need to focus on the listening, speaking, and writing parts. There are different high-quality online services to offer you a wide range of features for your work. 

1. Transcriberry

The struggle to find a high-quality tool for transcription tasks is real. You never know what services you will get in the end.

But there’s Transcriberry service if you want a smooth and fruitful result. You should try Transcriberry for the wide range of services it offers.

  • You can order manual transcription with 99% accuracy of the final work. It costs more than the automated one, but the results are sure of the highest quality.   
  • Make sure to try automated transcription, too. It costs less than the previous service and is perfect for simple texts. 
  • If you need to transcribe the subtitles, you can do it with the help of Transcriberry. The feature is in development mode right now. You will be able to add subtitles to your video or audio text soon with the help of the server. 
  • Do you need to translate the text? It’s another great feature that helps users process the material. It’s also developing right now to offer the best services to online customers. 

These are the four most used services you can draw from the Transcriberry server. It’s a popular and high-quality company online. It’s perfect for bloggers, podcasters, and authors.

You can try to work with the service if you are a journalist or reporter. Market research and education purposes are also covered with the help of Transcriberry. 

Make sure you try to work with the company. It can process different types of texts, topics, and themes. You don’t need to spend your precious time on boring assignments. It’s one of the best servers on the market that will bring you real results.

2. GoTranscript

GoTranscript is one of the largest transcription agencies in the world, focused on providing the best transcription, translation, captioning, and subtitling services.

Their dedication to quality is well recognized among clients, including students, businesses in different industries, and global brands like BBC and Netflix.


With over 20.000 linguistic experts from around the world and support for more than 50 languages, GoTranscript offers the fastest turnaround time in the industry and reliable deadlines, even for the largest projects. Their services are 100% human-powered, guaranteeing flawless results regardless of the content type.

Thanks to a high focus on security and privacy, GoTranscript can handle even the most sensitive content like medical records, court hearings, and more. All client data is protected with confidentiality agreements and 2048-bit SSL encryption.

3. Otter

Let’s proceed with the helpful services for your work with the texts. Otter is another popular server. An automated service makes use of artificial intelligence algorithms to perform fast and accurate results to the customers. It’s an efficient way to work with audio and video materials. 

  • The first and the most used feature is the ability to transcribe the text from Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, and other services. 
  • There’s high-quality speaker recognition. 
  • Users can benefit from different payment pricing options. 

It’s a nice choice for those users, who are into different export formats. The tool offers a wide choice of formats you can work with which makes the service quite helpful and versatile.

4. Audext

What are other options for users? This is one of the best transcription tools for customers highly concerned about the cost of the services. You can tailor the pricing plan to your own needs and enjoy the use of the service.


The developers ensure 99% accuracy for each text. What’s more, there’s an in-built text editor that will make your papers even more perfect. 

It’s a quick service. You will spend about 10 minutes processing one-hour of audio material. This feature helps Audtext compete with other tools on the market. The interface is quite simple, and you may also choose what payments you’re ready to work with.

5. Sonix

What are some other useful tools? If you try the tool for the first time, you need something easy to work with. And Sonix seems to be the best alternative to some more sophisticated services.

It’s an easy-to-use service with multiple features and moderate pricing plans. You can fit this tool into your daily budget, too.


It’s a great tool for both audio and video materials. It works fast, processes materials with accuracy, and ensures correctness. 

You will benefit from the fast transcription and up to 30 languages available to the users. You can also benefit from the subtitles feature and commenting services. The tool also offers a wide choice of formats for every customer.


If you can’t fully rely on AI algorithms, is ready to offer you the best human transcriptionists. The work will be carefully processed and analyzed to present you with the most accurate results.
  • Just imagine that over 80 languages are available to the customers. Both human and tech experts will work on the texts. 
  • The delivery time is quick. 
  • You can benefit from customer support. Whenever you need help with the task, you can find a manager free to answer your questions. is a nice service for customers who need flexible pricing, different formats for their work, and quick delivery. It’s an accurate and professional tool for online work.

7. Transcribe by Wreally

The next service is of high popularity among online users. Why? First of all, you can try different methods for converting audio or video into text materials.

Transcribe by Wreally

It’s easy to use, and you don’t need to spend lots of time doing it. The system will do the whole work for you. All you need is to upload the source material and specify your preferences.

You may benefit from the human transcriptionists. Or you can rely on artificial intelligence in the work. It depends on the type of tasks and other criteria.

8. oTranscribe

It’s an interesting option for the users. It’s a web app that focuses on manual transcription. You can edit your video or audio files easily with the editor used in the app.


All the transcripts will be automatically saved so that you don’t lose the important material. And you can also back up the files in 2 main formats.

9. Maestra

You can download the tool. It goes together with the audio editor to ensure better results in the work with the materials. You may use the voiceover tool in the app.


It uses up to 20 different foreign languages which makes the service quite versatile. It also uses various encryption technologies and can offer you different convenient formats to work with.

10. Inqscribe

The next competitor on the market is often used both for audio and video self-transcription. When working with the app, you may insert time codes, edit the text and do it all in a one-window mode. The tool can support different formats for convenient and fruitful work. 


11. Descript

Let’s close this list with another prominent and helpful online tool for audio to text transcription. You will work with the text editor to fix and amend the material in live mode.

The transcription is usually done by human transcriptionists or with the help of AI tools. You may choose which type of transcription you want to try. 


The work is immaculate. When you request an audio transcription, you can benefit from 100% accurate results.

Professional human experts will work on the paper to make sure you are fully satisfied with the result of the common work and effort. You don’t need to deal with the filler words. They could be easily removed within a single click. 

The data is highly secured. You don’t need to worry about the information. It’s possible to save the materials using different formats.

There are some popular formats that clients use regularly. Not only transcription but also text editing services, screen recorder, and some other features are available to the customers.

How To Find the best video and audio to text transcription tool online?

In some cases, it could be a crucial step to use an online tool for transcription purposes. For this reason, it’s better to know what are the best options on the market to use them safely.

There are different features you may try. Make sure you choose the relevant service so that it fits the needs of your major task. The number of services is huge, so you can find what fits your purpose the most.

Importance Of Transcription Service

Help for student

It’s an obvious step to look for the transcription website when you work with huge amounts of materials. It’s a common problem for students who always need to create notes or note down the necessary information during the lecture.

If you have any video or audio materials to transcribe, it’s necessary to find the tool that will do the task for you. 

  • First of all, it saves a lot of time. You don’t work on the same material for hours. You can simply upload the task online and wait while the work is done. 
  • The second reason to try the helpful tools is to reach the highest accuracy of the transcription. Even if you have enough time to do the task, you may not be sure of the accuracy of your writings. On the contrary, the tool can do the work for you. 
  • It’s not the most pleasant work, to be true. You don’t want to work on the assignments because it’s quite boring. Your task is to watch the video or listen to the audio, then pause it and work on minor patches separately. 

You can’t spend the whole day deciphering the sentences and word combinations on your own. It takes time and may not give you the desired result. Help from the transcription website is much better than a separate work on your own.

High-quality assistance with video and audio materials

There are different cases when you need to transcribe audio or work with the video tasks. Imagine that you participate in the meeting and need to take notes.

Is it possible to listen to the speaker, comprehend the material and note down the important insights?

This is not an effective method, and you should try something else. It’s better to use an online transcription tool for such work.

You can focus on the topic and forget about the notes for the whole session. Your task is to turn the tool on and listen to the material.

When you need your notes, you can see the whole text on your device. It’s also great for our memory and concentration.

You may communicate with others, enjoy different kinds of meetings and don’t bother about the information you could miss.

With the help of the professional English audio text transcription tool, you can reach an agreement with others and make your work more effective.

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