The Best DSLR Camera Tripod | Detailed Review & Buying Guide

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It does not matter whether you are a complete beginner or a complete professional, when it comes to taking some really good and effortless shots, then the importance of a good tripod just cannot be denied or argued with.

However, today with new tripods coming up every day and the old ones stacking up down the line, it can get a whole lot overwhelming to search and choose for a good tripod among them which best suits one’s needs and requirements.

And thus, to help you out on your search for the perfect tripod for oneself, we have come with our list today of “The Best Tripods For DSLR”. In the following list we have tried to list out some of the most popular as well as beloved high-end as well as affordable Tripods so that you can pick the best of tripods from our list today for both you and your DSLR.

So below is the detailed review of the top 5 Best DSLR Tripods Of

1. Vanguard Alta Pro 263 AB-100

In our today’s “Top 5 DLSR Tripods for the year 2019”, we have summed up some of the very best and most picked choices in the year 2019.

In the recent months we have tested out a number of tripods out of which we believe the following five have managed to grab our attention and have successfully met all our expectations like in built quality, durability and affordability to stand out from the rest of the long overwhelming collections.

And thus, without any further delay let us jump straight to the part where we will look at how each tripod is different from the other and how one of the following top 5 selections may prove to be just the tripod you are looking for.


Product Dimensions: 30.7 x 5.1 x 4.7 inches
Weight: 5.38 pounds
Maximum Height: 69.12 inches
Folded Height: 28.12 inches
Payload capacity: up to 15.4 pounds


  • Quite Durable
  • Good Stability
  • Quite portable with the carrying case


  • Can be bulky to handle at times

It is pretty obvious that whenever you are looking for a tripod over the internet or any outlet, you must have surely come across the name “Vanguard Alta Pro” at least once. The reason is simply because Vanguard is one such brand that has been developing high end products such as the Vanguard Alta Pro tripod for the past 30 years. That is a whole 30 years of wisdom and perfection right out there.

And although, the Vanguard Alta Pro 263 AB-100 has been in the market for the past 10 years, the fact that it has managed to grab the first position in our list today says it all.

Still, just for argument sake and so that you get a better understanding of why the Alta Pro 263 has still managed to retain the top position after so many years, we will list out as well as discuss some of its very convincing features and qualities.

The tripod does no harm to your Pocket at all. Coming with a price tag of $144.01 the Vanguard Alta Pro is one of the most affordable tripods out there which makes it perfect for photographers and videographers from any background and expertise level to go for it without much issue.

The Aluminum body easily makes it a durable and long-lasting product. Coming with a long-lasting high-end quality aluminum body, there is absolutely no worries with the Vanguard Alta Pro, when it comes to durability and how well suited it is for any kind of environment.

The Stability is just flawless. One very important feature or requirement which is very much needed in any good tripod is the stability of the tripod. In such cases where stability is of importance, with the Vanguard tripod we believe that you will just have no complains as the non-slippery spiked rubber feet that comes equipped with it offers just complete stability over any kind of surface.

A maximum height of 69.12 inches and a minimum foldable height of 28.12 inches. Even with an exceptional maximum height of 69.12 inches, this vanguard tripod manages to stay stable and strong without any issue. However, even with the minimum foldable height of 28.12 at times the tripod may become a bit bulky to handle.

The three alloy legs offer multiple angles for shots. With all the available multiple degrees of positioning, taking perfect and stable shots is easier and more fun than ever before.

2. Manfrotto Befree Travel Tripod

Another very popular name when it comes to tripods as well as other similar products is Monfrotto.

And the Manfrotto Befree Travel Tripod just manages to justify its popularity even further. Coming with a lovely light and compact built design, this Monfrotto Tripod is truly worthy of the second place in our list today.

Compact and light-weight build makes carrying the tripod easy and effortless. Design wise the Monfrotto Befree Travel Tripod gives you enough reason to go for it, if you are looking for a tripod for long hikes and travel shooting.

Maximum Payload capacity of up to an astounding 17 pounds. Even though it comes with a light design, this Monfrotto tripod is easily able to hold load up to a good 17 pounds which truly is quite exceptional and rare in products as light weight as it.


Product Dimensions: 17.7 x 4.2 x 4.2 inches
Weight: 4.1 pounds
Maximum height: 59.1 inches
Folded Height: 17.7 inches
Payload capacity: up to 17 pounds


  • Portable
  • Light weight


  • Does not provide much payload capacity

A maximum height of 59.1 inches and foldable up to a minimum height of 17.7 inches. Although, the maximum height of the tripod may not suit the needs or ideal for quite a number of photographers, the minimum foldable height however just works totally fine for easy storing as well as carrying.

Quite a robust and sturdy built. Even though comes with a light weight design, that in no way gives a reason to assume or think that the tripod is not made for heavy duty. Because in reality in case of the Monfrotto Befree Travel Tripod is just the opposite as it gives you a full robust and sturdy feel to it.

3. Amazons Basics 60-inch Tripod

The term Affordable and Reliable, go hand in hand with this tripod manufactured and produced by one of the biggest e-commerce websites, Amazon.

The name itself should give a sense of satisfaction and trust when the question of reliability arises from the tripod itself. Also, being an amazon product, it is quite obvious and not wrong to assume that the tripod does not come with a hefty price tag and should be quite affordable.

Compatible with a wide range of devices. Well who does not like versatility. The more you can work with the better and Amazon’s Basic Tripod is just the tripod that works with all or at least most of the devices like DSLRs, Video cameras and even Action cameras like GoPros.


Product Dimensions: 24.2 x 4.4 x 4.1 inches
Weight: 2.72 pounds
Maximum height: 60 inches
Folded height: 25 inches
Payload capacity: 6.6 pounds


  • Extremely affordable
  • Extremely light weight


  • Built quality is not very sturdy
  • Limited features and movements

Built-in handle and a carrying case make it an easy to carry tripod at all times. The tripod comes with a very useful built in handle that makes carrying the tripod here and there quite fun and easy. Moreover, the Carrying case which comes with the tripod itself makes it really comfortable to take the tripod anywhere and everywhere without much of an issue.

2 Bubble Levels for the perfect balance of shots. This Amazon’s Tripod comes with two really precise Bubble levels which makes leveling as well as positioning your DLSR for a perfect shot totally easy and effortless.

The best affordable tripod. If you are looking for something which does not burn your pockets and yet does the job quite precisely and with fine results, then the Amazon Basics 60-inch Tripod is most certainly the perfect tripod for you.

4. Gitzo Series 3 Tripod

For those of you who are looking something fit for more heavy-duty jobs, then the Gitzo Series 3 Tripod may just work pleasantly for you. But just because it is able to take care of some really heavy pay loads does not mean that it weighs more too.

Surprisingly, the Gitzo Tripod does not weigh more than 5 pounds in total. And if you want to shed some more of that weight than you can go for the carbon body tripod instead of the most common aluminium body tripod.

Durable and high-end built quality. There is just no doubt that the Tripod comes with a good and durable design and built quality, perfect for any kind of environment and usage.


Product Dimensions: 4.2 x 4.2 x 24.4 inches
Weight: 4.1 pounds
Maximum Height: 63.79 inches
Folded Height: 21.26 inches
Payload capacity: up to 46 pounds


  • Good Payload capacity
  • Good maximum height
  • Built quality is quite good


  • Can get a little time being used to

Quite portable and easy to move. Another great feature or advantage of this tripod is the fact that it can be easily carried as well as positioned and moved in anyway to give s

ome of the best positions needed to take good shots.

A quick release setup for easy fixing and releasing of DSLR cameras. The quick release system that lets you fix as well as pop your camera on a single go saves a lot of valuable time.

5. MeFoto Globe Trotter

Another very easy to carry and portable tripod similar to Amazon’s Basic Tripod is the MeFoto Globe Trotter.

Weighing just 2.1kg in weight, this MeFoto Tripod is no less than the Manfrotto Tripod when it comes to handling some heavy payloads. The MeFoto Globe Trotter is easily able to handle payloads up to 17.6 pounds without any problem at all.

A maximum height of 61.6 inches and a minimum foldable height of 15.4 inches with 5 section legs, making it just ideal for getting high angle shots as well as stable low angle shots.

Stable and rigid in nature. Even when working on full maximum height, the tripod shows absolutely no sign of instability or shakiness, making it just ideal to work on high angle shots


Product Dimensions: 15.4 x 3 x 3 inches
Weight: 3.6 pounds
Maximum Height: 61.6 inches
Folded Height: 15.4 inches
Payload capacity: 17.6 pounds


  • Easy portability
  • Good design and built quality


  • Tighten facility can take up some time

.Quick release and tighten facility. The legs come with a quick release facility for easy positioning as well as a quick tightening facility for abrupt fixing of position.

How to choose a perfect Tripod?

Well now that we have seen and gone through the list of “the top 5 Tripods for DSLRs”, I guess it won’t do anyone much harm if we look at some of the most basic yet important points to look for and review while choosing a tripod for oneself. So, what are these things to be checked or rather look for while choosing to buy a tripod are as follows.

Price & Affordability –

One of the most fundamental things to look for as well as check while planning to buy a tripod or in fact for that matter nay product is the price of the product.

It need not always be that a product which is costly needs to be better in quality or working than a product which costs less. Every product you find in the market is divided according to certain segments and is priced too accordingly.

Hence, in such cases the best practice is to go for the product which is the best in that segment as well as does not do much harm to your bank account as well.


Incase of tripods, another very important point to always keep on check is the portability of the tripod. And if you are someone who has to do a lot of moving and adventure shooting, then the portability of a tripod just counts more than any other factor we will list out today.


The stability factor incase of tripods plays a very crucial role in deciding whether it should be even considered in the first place or not. Because the quality of your shots greatly or even completely depends on the stability of your tripod. The more stable a tripod, the better the shots and the better the experience.

Built Quality And Durability –

Well last but most certainly not the least is the built quality of the tripod device as well as its durability which decide for how long will a tripod last. It is very important to check as well as know how a tripod has been designed and with what quality material has it been built. Also, depending upon the material being used and its quality, how long will a tripod last can also be assumed.

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