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The pandemic hit people worldwide like an unprecedented wave. It was not anticipated by the companies and the employees with regular jobs that how many jobs will be lost due to this change.

According to the data from the Labour Union, 400 million jobs were lost all over the world just in the second quarter of the year 2020. There have been even more losses in recent times.

Best Work From Home sites

So what are the people who have been laid off from their jobs due to COVID-19 doing now?

Well, the data from the freelancing and work-from-home jobs has seen an exponential rise during the same period that a huge chunk of the workforce was laid off.

People have jumped at the opportunity of working from home in far better conditions with better pay. Many people report that their quality of life has improved in unimaginable ways by being able to decide their own working hours and working as freelancers or on contract.

People have more time for themselves and it has been beneficial for the companies so much so that some companies have entirely shut their on-ground facilities and transferred base online.

There is still trouble though, it is not as easy as it seems to find work-from-home opportunities. You need to have connections for the most part or maybe you are relying on your company to get you remote work instead of cutting costs by letting you go.

This is exactly the time when many online platforms have come forward to connect freelancers with companies that are enthusiastic about hiring them.

In this article, we have compiled a list of BEST Work at Home Web Sites on the Web so that you can make an informed decision about where to look for work.

Thing To Note Before you start looking for work online

You need to be really informed about the conditions of working from home and take a great deal of care to not get scammed while you are at it.

There are some points you should remember when you decide to pick a site for working online.

  • While there are some great platforms out there in the market, that are genuine and truly help your job prospects, you should still make sure to check the reviews and do your research. There are always some fowl websites looking for scamming people, especially those who are desperate enough to take a too good to be true offer.
  • If you feel like what the website is offering you is not plausible in the real world, take this as a red flag and immediately drop the platform to look for a better one.
  • Working from home does not mean that you will not need to work hard. Like any job, if you do not work with dedication and meet deadlines, you will lose the contracts that you are working on. It is very important that you only say yes to the work that you know you can complete within the mentioned deadlines.
  • It is always very important whether you see your superiors and colleagues in the real world or not that you maintain respect and a moral code of conduct while working for them. Do not say yes to the opportunities where you are not treated well as it will lead to resentment later.
  • It is always important to discuss the work expectations and do thorough research about what you should be paid according to your qualifications and the market rates. Be well informed and do not be hesitant to ask for what you feel you deserve. If you are uninformed about your deserving compensation, the company will always underpay you. Don’t give them the reasons to do so.

After reading all the points above, you can proceed to our next section where we have specially curated a list of online platforms for finding work that is reliable.

Best Work-at-home Sites For remote Job

1. Just Remote

This platform charges the job posters for posting a listing. This is a very important thing to note when you are looking for reliable sites. 

The job sites that let employers post jobs for free are often full of scammers that are not looking for offering you a job but prying money out of your pockets. Currently, Remote charges $189 each month to the employers to post a job on the site.

Just Remote

Unique features

  • The site says that the jobs listed here also include options that you will never see in advertisements. This way, the site is a real catch for hidden gems in the job market.
  • The site is reliable as it charges employers a reasonable fee to post jobs. This really helps filter out the scammers.
  • There are more than 3o countries listed on the platform where the applicants can apply from
  • They also have an option on the platform to help you build a professional resume if you struggle with one.
  • They have awesome resourceful blogs on the platform that helps you get to know the industry better and will answer most of your questions about the jobs.

2. ARC

This website is just for technology enthusiasts where the senior developers are connected to tech companies and start-ups. They also have a policy that boasts of getting you a job in under 14 days if you apply on the site.


Unique Features

  • The company has the most unique feature in place in the form of a 14-day job policy. You can get a job in under 14 days.
  • You do not have to participate in any bids or send your resume to recruiters to land a decent job. You can directly talk to the managers who are hiring for the job. This cuts to the chase and makes it easier to find a job
  • You can set your preferences and expected salary so that you do not have to beat around the bush when you talk to the recruiter. They will already know your expectations before you even have a chance to talk.
  • There are talent partners on the website that will help you with your professional skills and let you stand out when compared to the competitors.
  • You can build a professional resume on the site with professional help
  • You can compare the salaries of people with the same qualifications and experience as you so that you do not get underpaid.

3. Flex Jobs

A relatively older player in this business, the site has been around since 2007. This makes for a great reliable platform for grooming freelancers and contract workers. The platform currently has more than 30k job listings from around 6000 companies worldwide.

Flex Jobs

Unique Features

  • You can find jobs in your niche with around 50+ categories to take your pick
  • If you are not satisfied with the service that you get on Flex Jobs, you can get a refund for the fee that you paid in 30 days
  • There is dedicated customer support in place to listen to all your problems and offer solutions on the way.
  • There are many sessions on the website where you can receive career coaching
  • If you are unsure about your resume its potential, you can get it reviewed on the platform to better suit your professional needs.
  • All the jobs on the website are scanned by the dedicated team at Flex Jobs. this greatly reduces the possibility of you coming across a scam on the website.
  • You can access the details of the companies that you are applying for including the hiring trends of the said company.
  • There are regular events on the websites that highly increase the possibility of you finding the jobs that you really want.
  • You can also opt for courses on the platforms to hone your skills further.

4. Remote.Co

As the name suggests, this website offers remote work. There are many categories to choose from. It is a relatively new platform if you compare it with the other platforms in the same arena but it does offer some very good options in terms of remote work.


Unique features

  • The jobs are divided into different categories so that it makes it easier for you to find what you are looking for.
  • You can find time stamps on the listings to see when the job was posted so that you can apply early and increase your chances of getting hired.
  • You can look for international as well as local jobs that are also listed on the job listing with a stamp
  • You can filter from full-time and part-time opportunities.
  • You will find resources in the form of articles on the platform that you can use to understand your job better and the market that you are trying to work in.
  • You can find a question and answer section that answers most of the queries that you may have regarding the job.

5. Virtual Vocations

This platform greatly reduces the effort of the people applying for jobs and does most of their work for them. You do not need to spend hours screening the jobs that you might be suitable for. The website does that for you.

Virtual Vocations

Unique Features

  • You will receive a database of jobs that are perfect according to your qualifications that you can choose from. It saves the time that you might spend filtering out irrelevant opportunities.
  • The platform finds jobs not only from the listings but also through social media listings and other platforms that offer work-from-home opportunities. This creates a compilation of sorts that helps you make your job search smart and productive.
  • There is a dedicated free section on the website where you can access many perks without paying a dime. If you want some extra exclusive benefits, you can also choose from different subscription plans offered by the website according to your own budget.
  • To stay organized, the website offers you an option to attach virtual notes on the job postings that you select.
  • You can find exclusive courses on the platform some of which are also free to an extent.

6. Working Nomads

This website strives to provide you with a platform for your telecommuting needs with the best digital jobs all around the world. You can search for jobs in many different categories and it is not limited to just one particular niche.

Working Nomads

Unique Features

  • You can find jobs in around 15 different categories which is a great number when you are looking for diversification.
  • Sometimes, you will also find the remuneration details right on the job description so that you do not have to go back and forth in a conversation with the employer to find the details for the same.
  • The jobs can be classified on the basis of part-time, full-time, or contract basis and you will always find this on the job listing before you decide to apply.
  • You will also find unique tags on the job listing that will let you know the additional skills and requirements for the job.
  • You can also get to know when the jobs were posted so that you can apply early and the chances of you getting noticed by the recruiter grow exponentially because of this.

7. OutSourcely

This website exclusively works with start-ups that are looking to outsource their work to enthusiastic employees outside the organisation. The positions listed on this platform are long-term and remote.


Unique Features

  • It is a one-of-a-kind concept in the field of remote work that exclusively caters to start-ups looking to outsource their work. It is a great opportunity for individuals who want fulfilling work and get started with a company from their initial days.
  • You can find jobs in reputable industries and choose from 10 different categories according to whatever suits your niche.
  • You have the option to either actively look for jobs and apply on your own or you can just make your profile and list your requirements so that the employers can contact you if they find your profile suitable.
  • The communication on the platform is direct. As soon as the recruiter shows interest in your profile, they can directly contact you via a direct message or a personal email.
  • You do not have to pay any commissions to the site when you receive payments. The payments are direct and hundred percent of your paycheck is received by you.
  • There is a great interface for building a profile that creates a lasting impression.
  • The platform also has mechanisms in place that allow recruiters to conduct interviews right on the platform so that you do not have to look for other platforms to go back and forth with the hiring process.
  • The platform also provides you the option of sending video and voice messages so that you can better communicate with the recruiters about your skill level.

8. Pangian

The site boasts of being the fastest-growing platform in the area of remote work. You can find work with highly reputed companies if you do not like the idea of working with a relatively unknown firm or start-up.


Unique Features

  • Many companies that are big names in the market, can be found here hiring for the jobs that you might be a great fit for.
  • The job postings on the platform are diverse and you can get experience from around 25k jobs that are currently posted on the site.
  • The site also currently has 1 million users on the platform. That makes the site highly reliable.
  • You can connect with a very helpful community of freelance workers to share experiences in your work field.
  • You can also look for part-time work on the platform. This is great for people who are looking for earning on the side without spending a lot of their time.

9. Remotive

The owners at Remotive are ardent believers in the fact that productivity stems from flexibility and employees should be allowed to work at their own pace. There is also the fact that trust goes a long way in helping employees perform their best.


Unique Features

  • The company identifies itself as a tech movement that aims to bring most of the office jobs to the remote setting. 
  • You can also choose to promote your business on the platform. 
  • The platform helps you find leads for your business all the while learning about remote work.
  • You can also network with people in the same line of work as you. You can share your experiences with your work and compare the remuneration.
  • You can also compare where you stand with the list of competitors.
  • You can also learn new skills to make sure that you are the top candidate for the jobs that you apply for.

10. Jobspresso

Jobspresso claims to be one of the easiest ways to find jobs in various niches without even visiting the office of the company that you are going to work for. There are around 15k workers on the platform and you can get updates on social media as well.


Unique Features

  • You can get updates related to your job through the social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. This allows you to find job updates even without logging into your account on the platform. 
  • You can just be logged in to your social platforms and that would be enough for getting updates.
  • You can filter roles based on location.
  • You can look for jobs after viewing the date on which they were posted. This helps you apply early to your dream job and stand out to the recruiters.
  • You can see a short description of the company right on the job listing. This helps you make a decision on what company fits your bill without having to go through the job posting in detail.
  • The job postings here also provide you with benefits on top of the basic in-hand salary. The benefits may include PTO, healthcare, and sick days.

11. Power To Fly

This company helps find jobs by connecting potential candidates to the hiring managers through live events on the website. The website is driven by women and vows to have no discrimination on its platform when it comes to equal distribution of opportunities.

Power To Fly

Unique Features

  • The website is led by women and is a one-of-a-kind platform when it comes to the online job market. This is a great example of women’s empowerment.
  • The platform does not discriminate on the basis of caste, creed, race, religion, gender, etc providing equal opportunities to all the individuals on the platform. This makes the platform socially aware.
  • You can attend several live events and webinars on the platform to make your networking game even stronger.
  • The platform was founded way back in 2014 so you can be sure that the platform is reliable as it has been around far before remote work became mainstream.
  • There are more than a hundred members on the platform to assist you with your job search.


Now more than ever, the market is shifting base online. During the pandemic, people have realised the value of remote workers and the right platforms to connect the remote workers with the companies that are hiring.

Even the companies that would have never considered working remotely, are now providing remote work to their employees with benefits. 

There are many platforms that can help you gain perspective and find jobs online but you should always check the reviews on the platform that you are using and save yourself from potential scams.

Always choose a reliable platform where reputed companies list jobs and the user base is considerably huge. You can find many such trusted platforms on the list above. 

We do however recommend that you do not take remote work as a lazy working opportunity. You are working from home but you still should follow the proper behavioural conduct and follow deadlines.

Either from the office or from home, your priorities should be learning something on the job and providing quality to the company that hires you.

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