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Although I am not a very huge fan of gruesome and grim stuff myself, at times my curious mind does wonder what might be actually happening behind content online or in news outlets, which due to user’s discretion are kept censored most often.

I am sure many of you might have felt the same and hence are here reading the following article on what are some of the other ‘Best Shockgore and Bestgore alternatives’ out there which let you see uncensored content on the Internet without any censorship or blurred out images and videos.

Alternatives To Bestgore And Shockgore

1. Leaked Reality 

Coming with quite a number of categories like History, Gaming, Entertainment, Crime and Accidents just to name a few with new categories coming up with demand, the site holds an abundant quantity of uncensored content available out there in the dark as well as not so dark spaces of the Internet. 

The website itself gives a pretty much ‘news portal’ vibe which somehow makes sense and does not at the same time.

Leaked Reality 

Talking about the interface of the website, personally I am not really into it as it seems quite chaotic. However, once you do get the hang of browsing here and there within the website, you more or less get the hang of it. 

There are options of Signing Up as well as changing the language to your desired or preferred language. Additionally, there is a ‘Dark Version’ available for you which if you are a fan of the dark interface, you should definitely try out.

Other options include the ‘UPLOAD’ video, for which you definitely will need to Sign Up first. And a ‘Search’ bar which can come quite handy if you just randomly want to search something off the Internet which might be banned or censored elsewhere out there.

2. Hoodsite

Another quite gruesome site where you will come across all the recent events and content directly from crime scenes is Hoodsite.

The website is one clean and easy to use site with nothing very fancy having the most recent events and videos posted on the homepage. 

There are two sections, namely Featured Posts and Recent Posts which I believe pretty much explains itself.


Unlike the previous website Leaked Reality, here you will not find any categories or so and neither a search bar so you have to do pretty much one after the other video swiping if you somehow are looking for a specific event or video. 

Among the menu options, there is just Home, Videos, About and Contact. Hence, there is nothing much out there as well.

Overall, this site is perfect for those who are looking for the most recent events since the website more or less always seems to have them.

3. Body Modification Ezine

I guess by reading out the name itself, you must have got an idea of what to expect from this particular website.

And if you are thinking it has got something to do with tattoos, piercing and other such unnatural body modification, then you have hit the nail perfectly on the head. 

This website has some of the best as well as some of the most bizarre body modifications out there. Basically, the website is more like a magazine where users from all around the world are free to upload some of their most intense modifications as well as simple ones, whatever may be their choice. 

Body Modification Ezine

The overall interface is quite chaotic once again, even more chaotic than Leaked reality to be honest. The look of the website might not be very appealing to many, however the content is quite lit for the most part, so definitely there is something to look forward to.

There is a search bar as well and the ability to upload your very own ‘BME’ pictures if you are interested. But, for that once again you will need to sign up first which again is quite easy. 

The site has got seven categories: Gallery, IAM, Zine, Wiki, Ask, 411 and Shop, which I’ll leave up to you to explore on your own and find out more without spoiling it all with unnecessary spoilers.

4. The Blood Factory

Just as the name itself might suggest, this is one place where you can expect to find it all. The website besides hosting quite an intriguing blog also has quite a collection of horror and gore movies which you will definitely like and enjoy. 

The Blood Factory

The website however might turn all black if you do not have Javascript and the recent version of Flash Player installed on your system, which for me was actually a great turnoff but quite fascinating at the same time because I always thought something might pop up off the black screen any second now.

5. The Damaged Corpse 

If you are a nerd with a liking for horrid stuff as well as have a knack for figuring out things for yourself, then this website is just the place for you.

If you ask me, The website is the simplest one but is the most difficult one too at the same time. Based on how good you are at figuring your way out, the website can give you a pretty fun and captivating experience.

The Damaged Corpse

And of course, uncensored content is always there to explore at the end of the day. So, in short you should definitely give the site a try once, if you are just bored of browsing content everyday and need something more challenging and fun at the same time.

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