How to fix Blizzard Error Code BLZBNTBGS00003F8?

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Blizzard Error Code BLZBNTBGS00003F8

If you are playing a Blizzard game, particularly Call of Duty on your PC or gaming consoles. Then, there may be a time when you might come across the particular Blizzard Error Code BLZBNTBGS0000358 on your game screens.

If so, then the following article on, “How to fix Blizzard Error Code BLZBNTBGS00003F8?”, should have the answers you are looking for. 

Here, we shall try and discuss it all. From why this particular error occurs, to what are some of the different fixes to fix the following issue. We have tried to cover it all in the following guide post. 

Reasons For Error Code BLZBNTBGS0000358 on Call of Duty

Although, the main cause of the following error is still a little difficult to pinpoint. It is still assumed that such an error is a result of either the game server issue or internet connectivity issues. 

For this very reason, all the solutions you shall be seeing below would more or less be dealing with either servers or the internet connectivity.

How to fix Blizzard Error Code BLZBNTBGS00003F8?

Below, I have listed all of the most common and widely used troubleshooting solutions out there, with the help of which you should be able to fix the following Blizzard Error Code BLZBNTBGS00003F8, pretty much by yourself. 

Fix 1: Check Internet Connection

The very first and foremost thing you must check is whether your Internet connection at home is working properly or not. Once you are certain that your internet is working fine. You can carry on with the methods as further explained below.

Fix 2: Add the game as exception in Firewall

There may be times, when your PC firewall or a third party firewall app you are using, may stop the game from making any changes to your system. Thus, stopping it from running properly. 

And if that is the case, then the only way you can stop the error from occurring would be to either disable your Firewall altogether or add the game or folder where it has been installed as an “exception”.

Now, depending on what type of firewall you are using on your system. The steps to disabling or adding an app or program as an exception, too might change. Hence, it would be a good idea to google out the steps on your own, for the particular Firewall app you are using.

Fix 3: Try Flushing out the DNS cache

Having cache memory may not always be a good idea. Although, it can speed up the process of loading pages on your browsers and systems.

There may be times when this same cache data and settings can create problems for you. And if that is the case here. Then, it would be a good idea to flush out the DNS cache to prevent errors from happening again. 

  • To flush your DNS cache, you will need to first open up the Command Prompt App as an Administrator.
  • To do so, go to the Windows search bar and type cmd. Then, from the results, right-click on the CMD app and click on the Run as administrator option. 
  • Then, inside the cmd terminal. Type the following: ipconfig /flushdns and hit Enter.
  • Your DNS cache should be cleared on its own. Check to see whether doing so helped you resolve the issue.

Fix 4: Try Updating your Network drivers

If there is an issue with your network or hardware drivers. Then such an error message showing up would be quite normal. In such cases, you can try updating your drivers by following the steps as shown below.

  • Firstly, go to the Windows search bar and type Run.
  • Then, from the results, click and open the Run app. 
  • Next, inside the text box, type devmgmt.msc and hit on the OK button.
  • Now, from the device manager window, browse down and select the Network adapters option. 
  • Then, right-click on the network device drivers and click on the Update driver option.

Fix 5: Get rid of older game cache files

Even though, cache files are mainly required to speed up the loading process. There may be times when they can cause more trouble than any help.

In such cases, if you doubt that the error being caused may be due to your game cache files. Then, there is no harm in getting rid of them to see if that helps solve the problem.

To remove or delete the cache data from your system, you will need to follow the steps as shown below.

  • When your Blizzard program is open. Press on Ctrl + Shift + Esc to open up theTask Manager.
  • Then, inside the Task Manager, go to and select the Processes tab. 
  • Under the Processes tab, see whether the agent.exe or Blizzard Update Agent is running. 
  • Right-Click on them and click on the End task option.
  • Then, once that is done. Open the Run program as shown earlier and inside the text box, type in the following: %ProgramData% and click on OK.
  • Lastly, navigate to the Blizzard Entertainment folder and then the folder. Delete the cache directory and you should be good to go.

Fix 6: Try Linking together your Activision and Blizzard accounts

You can also try linking your Activision and Blizzard accounts together with one another in order to solve the Error Code BLZBNTBGS0000358 . 

To do this, you can follow the steps as shown below:

  • Firstly, go to the official Activision website.
  • Next, login to your Activision account by entering your login credentials. 
  • Then, click on the Profile tab at the top right end of the screen to open up your Profile dashboard page. 
  • There, click on the Account Linking tab option and select the Link With Account option on the right-hand pane. 
  • Once, both the accounts have been linked. Check to see whether the error has been solved or still persists

Fix 7: Try resetting your network settings and hardware

There may be times when certain changes or problems within the network settings or hardware may lead to such errors showing up while trying to play such games online. 

In such cases, it is better if you just try resetting your network settings and hardware to fix any minor network problem, causing such an error to occur. 

Now here, the steps to resetting your network devices may differ from one another, depending on the brand as well as version of device model you are using. 

Usually, there should be a reset button or hole behind most modem or router devices out there. Pressing on which or inserting a pointed object respectively for a few seconds, should allow the device to reset on its own. 

However, it is still advised that you look up the steps on your own, to resetting your respective device up on the Internet.

Fix 8: Try Switching to a wired connection 

If you are having trouble playing the game online over a wireless network connection. Then, you can also try switching to a wired connection.

With the help of a LAN connection connecting your game console or system to your network device, you should be able to play the game for the time being.


Thus, in this way to solve the Blizzard Error Code BLZBNTBGS00003F8. You can try the various troubleshooting methods such as Checking and resetting the network, allowing the app through the firewall, Flushing out the DNS, Updating Network Drivers, Clearing Cache, Linking Activision and Blizzard accounts and Switching to a wired connection one at a time or in combination with one another, till you are able to deal with the error on your own. 

However, even after having tried out all the solutions, the error still persists. Then, chances are that the error might be caused by a more critical issue. And here, it would be best if you could directly contact Blizzard’s official HelpDesk to ask them to help you solve the issue.

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