How To Fix If BOQ App Not Working?

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Keeping track of finances is very essential for every individual. The importance of tracking finances for individuals is an indicator of the great advantage of finance tracking for businesses. 

Both can keep track of their finances through the BOQ app. This is why the app is growing to be really popular. Recently, there have been many issues with the users experiencing the BOQ app not working. 

There can be many issues that can lead to the BOQ app not working. These can be issues with the network, issues with the app software, issues with your device, and issues with the device software among others. 

What To Do If BOQ app not working?

Fix 1: Check for updates on the app

Usually, if the app is not updated in time, some specific features of the app might stop working. In extreme cases, the app might even fail to load. 

The best solution is to check if your app is updated to the latest version. If there is a new version available that you have not yet updated, you might face many problems with the app. The app might fail to load, you might not be able to use the latest features on the app, and your app might also be vulnerable to glitches and malicious software attacks.

The easiest way to solve it, check for new updates on the app and upgrade to the latest version.

Fix 2: Update the device that you are using

The device that you are using for the BOQ app might also be the issue because the Operating System on the device also needs regular updates.

If your device is running on an outdated operating system, you will face issues not only on the BOQ app but also on other apps on the device. Make sure that you check for updates on the device’s operating system.

If you find a new version, then update the operating system of the device immediately.

Fix 3: Clear the data from the app

There is a lot of data that the app stores in the form of cache memory. These files are useful in the short term but can become a lot of hassle for you if not cleaned regularly.

These files eventually clog the working memory of the device. This leads to the app loading slowly, and in some cases, many features of the app might not even load.

Go to the settings. Select the BOQ app from the list of apps. When the app settings load, clean the cache data and other files from the app. Free up a lot of your working memory and the app will be able to load better.

Fix 4: Check The server status of the BOQ app

All the functions of the BOQ app are connected to a server. When you connect your device online, this server sends information to your device to make the app function.

Sometimes the server goes down because of a lot of traffic. In other cases, the server might be scheduled for maintenance. In the case of maintenance, however, you will often receive prior notice that you will not be able to use the app for a certain period of time. 

An easy way out is to check the status of the server. You can do this easily by searching for a down detector website on Google. These websites generate a site status report on the basis of user inputs. If the server is down, you will also find this information on the different user forums.

Unfortunately, in the case the server is down, there’s nothing that you can do on your part to make the server situation better. You will have to wait for the developmental team to mend the server.

Fix 5: Delete the app and reinstall a fresh version

If you have tried all these steps above and your app is still not working, the best way you can get rid of the issue is by deleting the app and re-installing a fresh version.

When you take this step, it removes all the damaged and corrupted files from your system. It also gets you a fresh version of the app to solve all the update-related issues on the app.

However, before you do this, make sure that you know that after installing a fresh version of the app, you will have to input all your preferences once again. All the data that was entered in the previous version of the app will be deleted along with the app.

Fix 6: Check your own internet connection

Just because you’re able to launch the apps on your phone and other apps are working properly, it does not mean that your Internet connection is running smoothly.

To run the BOQ app, you should have a stable Internet speed and a stable Internet connection.

You can check the speed and stability of your Internet connection through any free Internet speed meter that you can easily find through a Google search. These Internet speed meter sites will send pings to your Internet connection and determine the problems with your Internet connection such as low upload or download speed. 

If you find an issue with your Internet connection, then talk to your Internet service provider to solve the issue.

Fix 7: Contact the BOQ app support team

The BOQ app is a very urgent and important app for many people. This is why the support team on the BOQ app is always available to attend to your grievances with the app.

If you have tried everything and still the app is not working for you, the best solution for you is to raise a support ticket with the BOQ app support team.

They will help you by letting you know the exact problem that you’re facing and also suggest you the best solution for the problem.

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