Boslla Car LED Headlight Bulb: World’s First Four-Color Car LED Headlight Bulb

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What Is Boslla Or Boslla Bullet

Boslla is the car headlight Bulb but it is not like other car led headlight bulb with normal features which gonna ditch you in the wrong weather. The ordinary car led headlight Bulb does not work perfectly during the rainy, foggy, snowy and sunny weather means when you needed most from your card headlight Bulb, they give up and do not provide any satisfactory result.

Boslla is made to solve this issue, it works properly in any weather. Boslla which also known as the Boslla Bullet it is the worls first 4 color Car LED Headlight Bulb which works perfectly in rainy, foggy, snowy and sunny weather. Even during any emergency, it can be very helpful to call the help.

Driving car is always fun and we love long drive with friend or family but we can not ignore risks which occur with car driving. And whether is one of the most dangerous factors which lead to many death every year around the world.

As a human being, we are not having any control over the weather even we can not stop dricing in negative weather condition. That is why Boslla is made which come with 4 led lights which will lead you to drive safely to your destination in rainy, foggy, snowy and sunny weather.

What is bad in most of the common car led headlights

  • Poor quality which gona stop working any time, you can rely on them 100%
  • Fake specifications are also one of the common features in most of the led headlights products
  • Installing them is really hard and also not cost effective
  • Even their performance is much lesser than the original halogen bulbs

Your car safe driving depends on the good led lights with can lighten your path in any difficult situation. Boslla bullet is the result of years of experience of some auto lightning experts and a long research.

Boslla Logo

Boslla main motive is to provide car owners a safe driving, they are having their logo of a frog who looks like a car with frog highlighted eyes. Maybe you know or not but one of the best features of frog is to see colors in the dark, they are gifted with the best night vision.

Boslla Bullet Lead Lights Four Modes

White (6500 K) which helps you to clearly see the surface during the sunny weather

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Neutral White Color (4300 K) which helps you in comfortable driving during snow

Yellow color (3000 K) which comes with the penetrating ability which leads you to drive safely when it is rain and fog

Warning flash is to call for help when you are in trouble like stuck during adventure trip etc


  • Come with four color mode
  • Works perfectly in any weather
  • You can easily switch modes with clicks
  • High brightness in darkness
  • Can be installed in 10 to 20 min
  • 50000 hours of lifespan
  • 6063 aviation aluminum
  • IP67 Rate
  • Extremely temperature withstand

Some More Details About The Product

Boslla is having a dual color bullet patent design, silver, and gold.

  1. The silver color is for the white lights
  2. The gold color is for the yellow light

It uses a thinner copper (0.99 mm) for providing a best high and low beam pattern.

Because it contains a dual color chip which makes it first four-color led car headlights

For proving a better heat sink they use 6063 aviation aluminum with an 8500 RPM heat-dissipation fan which lacks in mostly all of the common car led headlights models.

Changing one color mode to another is easy, you just need to turn on and of headlights.

Some extreme condition live testing results

  • Water and dust proof
  • Mud proof
  • Sandstorm proof
  • Even it passed the ice testing
  • Able to resist high temperature

Driving in freeze temperature is the riskiest where you can not clearly see the road surface and far distance vision, which leads to the accident in most of the cases. But Boslla can resist extreme cold surrounding of < -158 °F, even it can work properly while frozen in ice.

Installation Boslla

Installing Boslla best-led car headlights are extremely easy which can be done in less than 20 minutes in any car model. They are having bullet shape from the top and tire shape from the from the bottom.

Bolsa Product Timeline

June 2016: They started working on market & user analysis

Set 2016: Conceptual design

July 2017: Factory inspection

Nov 2017: Material selection and mold customization

Apr 2018: Released the initial model

July 2018: A deep optimization of product and confirm the final version

Aug 2018: First batch production

Oct 2018: Launch on Kickstarter

Dec 2018: Guaranteed shipping

Each Year’s Road Accidents Stats Due To Weather

According to the Welove weather each year more than 20 million accident caused due to the weather. A safe driving completely depends on the weather where you are having no control. Every year more than 50 million card road accident cause from which more 3 million accident cause only because of the extreme weather condition.

  1. USA Annual Accident Stats By The Welove weather In 2017
  2. Wet Pavement: 907,831 accidents
  3. Rain: 573,784
  4. Show/Sleet: 210,341
  5. Icy Pavement: 151,944
  6. Slushy Pavement: 174,446
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