Bunkie Board Vs Spring Box | Which One Is Best? & What You Must Pick?

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In this post we are going to discuss about two very popular bed (mattress) base Bunkie Board and Spring Box and will explain why and which one you should buy for your bed.

What Is a Bunkie Board?

Bunkie Board is a bed base or can also consider as mattress support for bunk beds, but now people are considering it as a good alternative to the box spring for the regular beds because it provides support for the Mattress without adding extra height.

As per the description of most of the mattress stores, Bunkie Boards are usually two inches thick and made of wood.

Because they are made of wood, they provide better and stable support for the Mattress, and you are not going to add extra height to the bed.

That is why nowadays people are liking it very much and considering Bunkie Board as a good cost-effective alternative to the Box Spring.

What Is A Box Spring?

Box Spring is also a bed or mattress base for regular beds, which is typically a wooden frame with spring and covered in clothes.

It is placed over the top of the wooden or metal bed frame and provides stable and comfortable support for the Mattress.

Box Spring is already 4 inches to 8 inches in height, and you are going to put your Mattress over it, so it is going to add more height to your bed.

Yes, there are people who love high top beds, but not everyone, especially in today’s modern era.

So if you want a low height bed and looking for a Box Spring alternative, then definitely you can go with the Bunkie Board.

The Origin Of Bunkie Board

Traditionally they are made of a single solid Plywood covered in a layer of fabric, which was a little expensive, but as the popularity of the Bunkie Board increases, the manufacturers started making it with the wood chips or wood strips to make it cost-effective.

So now Bunkie Boards are usually made of wood chips or wood strips without compromising the quality, so now it becomes very affordable and will save some of your money.

Why Do People Like Bunkie Boards?

The popularity of the Bunkie Boards increases with the foundation bed. We live in a constantly changing world, and people started loving the low height beds, and most of the bed bases are not capable of solving this issue.

And at this time, Bunkie Boards emerged as a good alternative solution as the low height bed base where you could provide better support to your Mattress without adding extra height.

Today you can easily find Bunkie Boards on most of the Home decor outlets, eCommerce websites, and they are repeatedly growing with the time.

Today they are available for every bed size, and consumers love it because they are cost-effective, strong, looks good, and you do not need to compromise with your bed heights.

High Top Beds Vs. Low Height (Foundation) Beds

Yes, there was the era of the 19th century when High Top Beds were the primary choice of the peoples. Most of us will be thinking it will be the trend or fashion of those days, but no, there were reasons for it.

Those days they like High Top Beds because it protects from cold air drafts and unwanted pests. That time there were no powerful ways to deal with these kinds of issues.

But today we live in the modern era where these are not the critical issue, so why do we need to spend some extra money to elevate our mattresses so high.

Bunkie Board vs. Spring Box What You Should Pick

Both have their own pros and cons. And if you are confused between Bunkie Board and Spring Box, then you must think about what you are looking for.

Bunkie Board is the best choice for foundation beds and bunk beds.

If you want your bed at a certain height, then you should consider a Spring Box.

Also, if you are a person who likes foam mattresses, memory foam mattresses, or latex mattresses, then Bunkie Board will be a better fit.

On the other hand, if you are a spring mattress person, then you should go with the Spring Box because they are going to provide extra support against the spring mattress for better comfort.

If your bed already has slats, then it is ok, it will work even without the Bunkie Board, but they do not provide proper support for your Mattress. By adding the Bunkie Board, you add the proper support for your Mattress.

Also, if budget is your concern, then you should go with the Bunkie Board because they are cost-effective in comparison to the Box Spring.