Can You Move Your Xfinity Modem To Another Room?

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Can You Move Your Xfinity Modem To other Room

If you have an internet connection through a modem, you must be aware of the constant struggle that is to stay in the range to access the internet.

You may have an impeccable connection on the ground floor but completely lose the connection on the first floor or maybe one room in the house is completely devoid of the internet connection that you pay loads of money on.

In these circumstances, it becomes a very important decision to take where do you want to place your modem.

If you have an Xfinity modem, then you are among the clan of very satisfied users because the connection is amazing and hardly presents any problems.

If you are thinking of moving your Xfinity modem to another room, you might be confused about how this will affect your internet connection. It is also an important question to ask if you will be able to take this action on your own?

In this article, we will answer your question that is Can you move your Xfinity modem to another room?

Let us explore all the aspects related to this in the subsequent sections.

Can You Move Your Xfinity Modem To Another Room?

If we are looking for a short answer, Yes. The Xfinity modem can be moved to a different room if that is what you want to do.

You might want to do it for the convenience that it offers in a different room. It can be done but to get the most out of your connection, there are some points that you should remember. 

We will discuss these points in the next section.

How to get the best experience after shifting Xfinity modem?

As we have discussed above, it is possible to shift the modem to a different room if you follow a set of conditions, then it might be even better in terms of connectivity than it was before.

Let us discuss what you can do differently.

Tip 1. Take care of the coaxial cable

The first thing that you will need to establish a connection with the modem is a coaxial cable. The room that you are planning to move the modem to, should have an active connection with a coaxial cable. 

If you have one in the room, then it is great but if you do not have one, then it is a great idea to get it installed with the help of a technician.

This also reduces the load on you as you do not have to Google about extending your coaxial cable to another room.

However, if you are comfortable with technology, then you can also choose to do this by yourself.

Tip 2: Use a Connection Splitter

You can use the same line for two different connections. For this, you will need a device called Splitter. 

You should call in a technician if you are installing a splitter because this is a slightly complex process.

When you are splitting a connection in two, the connection strength gets affected. An experienced technician will be able to split it in a way that both the connections get the same strength.

Tip 3: Use an Amplifier

If you feel that after moving your modem to the other room, the connection has become weak, this can also happen if you install a splitter, you need an amplifier.

The amplifier increases the signal strength and allows you to use the connection from the modem at different places in the house. As the name suggests, it amplifies the signal that you are receiving.

These were the basic requirements and additional tools that you can use to enhance your experience with the modem if you are trying to shift it to a different room.

Some additional points to remember

Before shifting the modem to any room in your house, make sure that you conduct a recce of the house. This is to make a plan about where you spend the most time using the internet in the house.

According to this plan, you can decide exactly where you need to place the modem so that the signal reaches all the rooms where it is needed.

If you are connecting a cox cable for the first time, take the help of a professional. It is not something you should be doing without having an idea of what needs to go where. It is better to get help rather than damaging the modem or the cable.


Yes, you can shift the modem from one room to another. It can be an easy process or a difficult one depending on the expertise you have with the technical aspect of a modem and the connecting cox cables.

We hope that this article gave you an insight on the exact process that you need to follow in order to move the modem.

Happy surfing!!

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