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You can share your Audible Audiobooks with the help of these four methods,

  • Set Up And Use The Amazon Household (Family) Library To Share Audiobooks?
  • Share Your Audible Account Details with your family/friends
  • Share The Book From Inbuilt App Feature
  • Download & Convert Your Audible Audiobook To Mp3, and then share with others

Family sharing is an option where users can share their Amazon Prime & Audible benefits with other members of their Amazon Household.

If you don’t know about the Amazon Household, then it’s a free feature where users can add their family or friends through an Amazon Household account to enjoy Amazon Prime, Audible, and other benefits together.

From the perspective of Audible users, it means that you can share your Audible books with other members of your Amazon Household.

Note: Users can’t share titles that come under Audible Plus Catalog with the Amazon Household.

What Audible Family Library Sharing

What Is Audible Plus Catalogue?

Audible Plus Catalogue is only exclusive to the premium members who pay for the Audible membership. Audible Plus Catalogue gives access to thousands of Audible Originals, audiobooks, and podcasts on top of their monthly credit.

So with Family Library Sharing, you can share your purchased Audiobooks, but you can’t share the titles offered under the Audible Plus Catalogue.

How to Share Audible AudioBooks With Your Friends/Family?

Method 1: Set up and use the Amazon Household (Family) Library To Share Audiobooks?

Step 1: Step up an Amazon Household Account & Add Members

  • Go to Amazon Household
  • Login with your Account if needed
  • Tap Add Adult
  • Enter their Amazon account name and email
  • You have to agree to share payment details
  • Select which benefits you want to share (Apps & games, Audiobooks, Ebooks)
  • Tap send invite

Note: Once the invitation is sent, the other person has to accept the invitation without 14 days.

Step 2: Share Audiobook With Your Amazon Household Members

  • Go to the Amazon website
  • Tap on your profile (account)
  • Tap Content & devices
  • Choose the Content Tab
  • From the filter choose “Audiobook.”
  • Tap on the three-dot icon from the Audiobook
  • Tap Add to collection (if you don’t make any collection previously, then please make a new one)
  • Choose your collection
  • Tap Add to collection
  • A new window opens up with Family Library options.
  • Choose the member to whom you want to share your content.

Method 2: Share Your Audible Account Details

You can share your Audible account details with your family/friends to have them access to all of your Audiobooks.

This is the best and most effective way to share your Audible Audiobooks.

There is no limit to the number of computers/devices you can use your Audible account with. Check here the source

But there is one thing to note that it’s possible that there may be some kind of interruption if more than 2 peoples use the Audible account same time.

I have tested with the 2 people, we were able to listen to Audiobook at the same time on two different devices.

Note: If you are sharing your account with other people, then please turn off the “Sync device Position” to avoid disturbance. You can find this option under your Audible settings.

Method 3: Share The Book From Inbuilt App Feature

There is an inbuilt book sharing feature which you can use to share the book with others. But it will not give them access to the book, instead it will invite the person to buy the book.

This feature has relevance, if you are sharing the book with a person who never subscribed to the Audible in the past. Then the person can get 1 month of free Audible trial with the book which you shared with him/her.

  • Open Audible
  • Go to the Audiobook with you want to share
  • Tap on the three-dot icon from the Audiobook
  • Tap Send This Book
  • Choose the social media account where you want to share
  • Follow the on-screen process
  • You are done

Method 4: Convert Your Audible Audiobook To Mp3

By default, Audible lets you download their Audiobook in the AA/AAX format, which can only be played on Audible-supported devices.

But there is a trick that you can convert the default Audible Audiobook to mp3 so you can share with anyone.

First, you have to download the Audible book to your local storage. Audible only let user download the Audiobook on their local storage on the desktop/PC.

Follow the steps given below to Convert Audible Audiobook To Mp3,

  • Open from your desktop/laptop
  • Go to your library from the menu
  • Go to the Audiobook which you want to download
  • Tap download from the Audiobook
  • Wait till it finishes the download
  • Search in Google for Audible AA/AAX to Mp3 convertor
  • Upload the downloaded Audible file to the converter
  • Once the conversion is done, download the mp3 format of the Audiobook
  • You are done, share the mp3 file of the Audiobook with the anyone

Which types of devices Are allowed For Audible Library Sharing?

  • Fire HD 6″, Fire HD 7″ and Fire HD 8.9
  • Kindle Fire HDX and Kindle Fire HDX 8.9
  • Kindle Fire 2nd Generation
  • Kindle Fire HD 7″, Kindle Fire HD 8.9
  • Audible for iOS app
  • Audible for Android app
  • Kindle Reading App for iOS
  • Kindle Reading App for Android
  • Audible Cloud Player
  • PC & Mac computer

Note: According to the information shared on the Audible official Website, Audible is no more supporting Kindle Keyboard and Kindle Touch because of the new advancement of the Audible. Users can listen to the Audiobook, but they are not liable for the Audible Support.

Faqs | Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can You Share Your Audible Titles With Teen Members Of Amazon Household?

No, as per the information shared by Audible, you can’t share the Audible titles with the teen members of the Amazon Household account. You can only share the Audiobook with the Adults who are added to your Amazon Household account.

2. Can You Share Audible Books With Others?

Yes, you can share Audible books with other with help of Amazon Household family literary, or you can share your account details to them, or you can also download the Audiobook to your desktop/laptop, covert the file to mp3 and share the book with others.

3. Can You Share Your Audible Account With Others?

Yes, you share your Audible Account with others. As per my test i was able to use the same Audible account on two devices without any kind of interruptions.

4. Do Audible Supports Multiple Users?

You can’t add multiple users but you can share your account details with your friends/family, so they can have access to all of your audible literary.

5. Can You Share Audible Credits With Family/Friend?

You can’t share or give them you credits but you can use your credit to gift your friends/family any Audiobook.

6. Can Two People Listen To Audible At The Same Time?

Yes, as per my test i was able to listen to Audiobooks on Audible on two different devices without any problem, but make sure you disabled the “Sync device Position” from your Audible settings.

7. What Is Difference Between Audible Family Library VS Amazon Household?

Audible Family Library sharing is the part of the Amazon Household feature where you can share your Audiobooks with other members of your Amazon household account.

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