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All students are conditionally divided into two types: those to whom creative work is easy and those who can’t stand such formats as essays, term papers, and thesis. And here it is important to understand that the second type of students who ask to write my essay online are not actually slackers or lazy.

They simply have a different mindset, they excel in technical specialties, but with the creative direction, alas, there is a complete failure.

Can You Write Essays For A Living

A good educational system necessarily takes into account these nuances and is built in such a way as to ensure the full development of personality and specialists.

But if you are the kind of person who “clicks” essays like peanuts, and writes essays in a couple of hours just as well as a famous author – you can make good money on this. The main thing is to find the right cooperation with type 2 students.

You’d be surprised how many students have absolutely no desire or ability to do their work. On the other hand, they have money and are willing to give it to someone who will do the work for them.

As the statement goes: “Where there’s demand, there’s supply”. For quite some time now, writing student papers has been not only a good part-time job for many but also a major occupation that brings in an excellent income.

How To Make Money By Writing Essays?

There are two ways to make money by Writing Essays.

Let’s figure out what are the ways to make money from your creative work:

  1. Helping your acquaintances. The most simple way is to start a “word of mouth”. Let all your friends know that you are preparing creative content, and even if some of them don’t need your help personally, they will recommend you to their acquaintances. True, this option does not always bring a steady stream of clients;
  1. To register on a special exchange of essay projects. Today there are hundreds of online companies that hire talented authors. By registering, you can get regular orders with a pleasant payment.

Many people prefer the second way because it accumulates almost complete independence. Plus, working on a major project will allow you to gather quite a decent portfolio and a lot of positive recommendations.

Who Is Suitable For Essay Writing Jobs?

Perhaps it is easier to say who it is not suitable for. It will not suit those who are not ready to responsibly perform such work and people who have no idea about how to write term papers / make drawings and so on.

Everyone else is welcome. No one is stopping them from trying their hand at a new creative-scientific field.

However, most of the audience of performers consists of the following categories of people:

  • Students who are well versed in the learning process and are able to successfully combine their studies and studying “for others”
  • Freelancers
  • People who have enough free time to work or combine it with their main occupation
  • People who specialize in a particular science (including scientists, graduate students, teachers)
  • Anyone who wants to try a new occupation
  • Organizations and workers who are formal employees in the counseling and student writing fields

Is it legal and how much money can be made on it?

Many aspiring authors wonder if it is legal to provide services for writing essays and other creative materials and whether it is possible to take money for this?

Experts explain that working by the first method (involving friends and acquaintances) is quite risky: you do not pay taxes on the money you receive, which means you automatically fall under the radar of the tax police.

Working for a company, on the other hand, is a perfectly legal way of earning money. Essay writing services are usually officially registered and are bona fide taxpayers: all their clients are reflected in transparent accounting, and the authors are equated to employees who receive a fee for their work.

How much can you earn from an essay:

  • The average cost per 1 sheet of essay is $15-$20;
  • Urgent orders that need to be completed within 3-6 hours are paid twice as much;
  • The average size of an essay (3-5 pages) will bring the author $50-70 $.

What tools will be needed for your work?

You have made sure that the job of an essayist is quite legal, and the earnings are sufficient for your comfortable life. However, you will still need auxiliary functionality and software to work successfully. So, the list of necessary things looks like this:

  • Bear writer for macOS;
  • Scrivener for working with large texts and research papers;
  • CopyClip, a word processing application;
  • Access to plagiarism checking services.

So, if you feel the strength, time, and ability to do such work, then doing student assignments can gradually grow from a part-time job to a source of stable, high enough income. Arm yourself with the tools and bravely start your creative work with essay projects. We wish you good luck!

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