How to Fix Canon MX922 Printer Error Code B200?

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Since you are already here reading this article, I guess it is safe for me to assume that you must have surely come across the infamous B200 Error Code by now and desperately looking for a way to solve it at the earliest.

Thus, for everyone out there looking for solutions to fix the issue, I believe your search has finally come to an end. 

Canon MX922 Printer Error (Support) Code B200

Here in the following article, I have tried to cover up all the essentials there is to know about the infamous Error Code B200 as well as talk about the various solutions in detail which can help you fix the issue once and for all.

Thus, without any further ado let us see what are some of the ways and methods with the help of which you can fix the Error Code B200 for your respective MX922 Canon Printers. You can try the following solutions,

  • Switch On and Off the printer abruptly
  • Check and install for latest printer drivers
  • Replacing old Cartridges
  • Check for any jammed paper
  • Check for dirt on the Print heads

The solutions as you might have already figured out from the list mentioned above apart from the first one, pretty much revolve around replacing or cleaning off cartridges and the inside only along with a little Switching On and Off of the device while doing so.

Hence, you could say the approaches are more or less generic in some way or the other, but how you go on doing it is all that cracks the deal in fixing the issue. 

For that very reason I have tried to describe in detail both the causes as well as the solutions, just so that you have a good idea about what to do and how to do it well. 

Causes for the B200 Error Code in Canon Printer MX922

Given the fact that the solutions as you had already seen are pretty much more or less generic and have no distinct way of doing it, learning about the causes for the particular issue can take you a long way in fixing the error more effectively and efficiently.

Hence, it is a good idea that you gain a fair idea about what are some of the reasons resulting in the error code B200, before actually implementing the solutions to fix it.

  • Waste Ink Tank reaches full capacity – If your Canon printer’s waste ink tank has somehow reached its limit, then the B200 error code may occur from time to time. Although, the B200 Error Code typically does not have anything to do with the waste ink tank capacity reaching its full capacity. Still, at times it may cause the particular error code to flash on your printer display. 
  • Fault in Cartridges – While purchasing cartridges for your printer, if they so happen to be fake ones or even in some cases poorly refurbished ones. Then such an error may occur as mostly in these cases the cartridges you purchased are at fault. 
  • Paper Jam inside the Printer – This is a problem which more or less can be seen in almost every printer out there. No matter how modern or high tech the printer may be, papers getting jammed is somewhat a curse printers are born with. All you can do to prevent such cases is use undamped paper and check for any folds or faulty papers from time to time while setting up the paper to print.
  • Overheating of Printer heads – Depending upon the type of printers you are using the amount of load a certain printer can manage may differ. Thus, if you try to print out a higher number of prints than what a specific printer can hold, then in such cases overheating of printing heads may occur resulting in the error code B200.
  • Drying up of Printer Cartridges – This is something which can never be avoided. Does not matter how costly a printer you may be using, a printer’s cartridge will always dry up if unused for a long duration of time. This may also result in the particular error code to occur. 

How to fix the Error Code B200 for Canon Printer MX922?

Once you have gone through the various reasons and issues causing the Error B200 to occur, let us finally have a look at the different types of solutions one can implement to get rid of the problem and start printing once again. 

NOTE: The instructions listed below must be followed in combination with one another and see which combination works best for you.

At times, implementing a single method may help fix the problem or you might need to try out a combination of all the methods often to fix the issue.

Hence, there is no one single way but rather a combination of different ways to fix the error code B200.

1. Switch On and Off the Printer abruptly

The very first and foremost step or solution you must follow when you see the B200 error code is simply try to switch on and off the printer device completely at least once or twice

At times, simply doing this can help you solve the issue. It’s more like a short reset option that you can try out. 

However, if the issue does not get solved by this simple approach, you can try a modified version of the same method where the steps are as follows:

  • Firstly, turn OFF your Printer completely and unplug it from the main power supply.
  • Next, remove the printheads once and plug it in again.
  • Move the print head unit to the center of the print bar.
  • Then plug in your printer to the power unit and switch it ON.
  • Once the print head starts moving and heads to either direction of the line, close the cover and let the booting process take place on its own.
  • After all that is done, try to see if the error still persists.

2. Check and Install for the latest printer drivers

There are times when outdated drivers related to a particular device can also result in such errors to show up without any prior notice. In such cases simply updating the device drivers should do the trick. To do so just follow the steps as shown below:

  • Go to the Start Menu and Search for Device Manager option. 
  • Click on open Device Manager and then from the drop down list select on the Printer option and right click on it.
  • From the drop down menu, click on the Update option for the printer you want to update the driver.
  • Follow the prompted instructions thereafter till you have successfully updated the driver.
  • Once all that is done, Restart your PC as well as printer and see if the error still occurs.

3. Replacing old Cartridges 

Print cartridges play a very vital role in printers for obvious reasons of course. And due to this very reason, even the smallest problems or faults in a cartridge may result in such errors to show up every now and then.

Hence, all you need to do is replace the old cartridges by following the below listed steps and you are all good to go

  • Switch OFF the printer as well as unplug it from the main power socket. 
  • Next, remove the cartridges from the printer as well as the sledge where the cartridges were placed and clean the sledge with any kind of distilled spirit solution. 
  • Dry up the sledge and fix it to its original position and similarly fix the new cartridges into their respective places as well. 
  • Once all that is done, plug in your printer and turn ON the device. See if the error is still present.  

4. Check for any jammed paper

As have already mentioned in the earlier, one of the most common sources of errors out there would be when paper gets jammed inside the various creeks and cracks of a printer.

In such cases, you will need to clean out any such jammed paper inside the printer to enable it to run properly once again.

  • Switch OFF the printer as well as unplug the device completely to prevent any kind of shocks.
  • Then, open up the printer cover as well as the back from where the rollers are visible and look out for any jammed paper.
  • If there are pieces of paper jammed, then take a tweezer and simply try to pluck out the pieces of paper. 
  • After successfully taking out all the pieces, check once the paper slate for any kind of damned paper or so to avoid such jamming in the future and then follow the steps as mentioned for the very first method.

5. Check for Dirt on Print heads

Finally, if nothing else seems to work, then you might need to check for any kind of dirt or residue that may be present on the print heads and accordingly clean them. You can do this as shown in the steps mentioned below:

  • Once again Switch OFF your printer and unplug it from the main power supply unit as well.
  • Then open up the printer cover and carefully remove the print heads. 
  • Next, take a clean piece of cloth dry dipped in some spirit solution (isopropyl) and clean the print heads as well as the pins inside the printer where the pint head units are connected.
  • After all the cleaning and drying is done, re-install the components back to their respective places and follow all the steps as mentioned above once again.

In this way by trying out a combination of all the methods as described above, you should be able to solve the particular B200 error code on your respective MX922 Canon Printers.

However, even after trying out all the mentioned solutions, the error still persists, then the error may be a critical hardware error which can only be fixed with the help of Canon’s service center.

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