How To Fix Carrier Furnace error code 13?

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Carrier Furnace error code 13

This time of the year, issues with the furnace and water heaters become more rampant. This is because they usually lay dormant without maintenance for the whole summer and when the appliances are finally used, they show issues.

It is a similar story to the Carrier furnace. If you are one of the users who are using the furnace after a long time and just can’t seem to get it to function correctly, you are at the right place.

In this article, we are discussing the Carrier Furnace error code 13. This error code is related to the flame rollout for the furnace. The issue could be because of the flame rollout being open. 

Let’s discuss the solution for this issue in the next section in detail where we will also take a look at a handful of reasons for the issue on the furnace.

Fixes For error code 13 on the Carrier furnace

Different elements of the furnace work in cohesion behind the scenes to make sure that the furnace keeps working properly.

If you are looking at error code 13, it means that the flame rollout on the furnace has run into an issue and you need to focus your attention on this element to get rid of the error code.

Fix 1: The flame rollout is open for more than 3 minutes.

The flame rollout element of the furnace has a specified limit for exposure to open air. In the Carrier furnace, this limit is set to 3 minutes.

If the flame rollout switch is open for more than the specified limit of three minutes, the safety lockout is enabled on the furnace. 

Check the carrier furnace flame rollout switch. If you cannot find it, fish out the user manual and look for the switch. 

Close the switch and the issue should be solved.

Fix 2: Check for the airflow of the furnace

The furnace needs to have a proper flow of air in order to function. Since the function of heating in the furnace require the appliance to have a steady inlet and outlet of air, it is important to check the ventilation of the furnace.

Check the placement of the furnace for proper ventilation. If it is in a congested place, consider moving the machinery.

Fix 3: Contact the technician on call

There are not many fixes to try for this error code as the only issue with the error code 13 is related to the flame rollout switch.

In case these two solutions do not help you with the issue or you do not want to try this on your own, you should contact the Carrier technician to help you with the processes on the appliance.

To conclude

Error code 13 on the Carrier furnace is related to the overexposure of the flame rollout switch.

We have suggested a few fixes but if you are not sure that you can take care of the electrical issues on the furnace, contact experienced personnel to help you with the same. 

We hope that this was helpful in getting rid of the error code. Keep following for more technical advice.

Keep warm!! 

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