How to Charge Your Chromebook Without a Charger?

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Almost all technical devices and Gadgets need power to function. It is Primary function to keep them charged in order to use them regularly.

Charge Chromebook Without A Charger

In the case of Chromebook, it comes with a great power back up storage, but there are occasions where your Chromebook runs out of Battery and you are not handy with the official charger of Chromebook.

Being a human being we are prone to make mistakes, and there comes alternate ways to rescue us from these silly mistakes.

What if you misplaced, lost or forgot your charger somewhere and your Laptop ran out of battery. In such cases there are some different technique to Charge your Chromebook

How to Charge your Chromebook without a Charger?

Method 1: Use C type Cable to charge your Chromebook

If you have misplaced or forgot your Chromebook charger at home, Then “Type C “ cable will do wonders. You need a USB – C port on your Chromebook and a Charger that has a PD. This method will help you to charge Chromebook  without the Charger.

To do that open your Settings on Chromebook settings,  and visit Power section under the device Area then choose a power source then you can use this method.

Method 2: Use Power Banks.

Power banks have been proven the Lifeline of Discharged phones. It can also save your Chromebook if it is discharged. It can also be used to Charge Chromebook

One thing which is annoying is it is low Power method of charging your Chromebook, it takes a lot of Time.

The best part is, it can Charge your Chromebook anywhere, including while you travelling.

To charge your Chrome OS you need either a USB C Cable or a USB – A Cable.

Now connect the cable to Powerbank first and then plug into laptop slot given for charger connection.

method 3: Universal Charger to Charge Chromebook

This is the last best Given option to charge your Chrome OS among all. This is one of the ways to Charge your Chrome OS, if you are not handy with your Original Charger.

Universal Charger is best and last option to Charge your Chromebook. Universal Charger are designed in a way to offer Compatibility with a range of devices which includes a Chromebook

The most simple trick to Charge your Chromebook without its designated Charger, Just plug in Universal Charger into Power slot and then plug in other end into Chromebook

The best part is, you can use your Chromebook while it is being charged by the universal Charger.

The only setback of charging with Universal charger is, it Charges Laptop with a speed of turtle as compared with original Charger.

If you need a universal Charger and not Having any then make sure to purchase one called  POWSEED Universal Laptop Charger, as it is super compatible with Chromebook.

POWSEED comes with 70W power outage capacity., which ensures that your Chrome OS will be Charged properly, and makes sure that you don’t run out of power when you are out.

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