What To Do If The Charger Broke Off in iPhone?

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Charger Broke Off in iPhone

It is not a common occurrence that you will see a part of your broken iPhone charger stuck in the charging port of the phone.

It might not happen to the same person a lot but it does happen to many people all around the world. 

It is understandable to panic if you see that the charger is stuck. However, this has happened to other users as well and there are reliable solutions on the internet for you to pull out the broken piece.

In this article, we will discuss in detail what to do if the charger broke off in iPhone. We will discuss the official as well as the unofficial solutions because sometimes, gold can be found in strangers’ advice.

What to do if the iPhone charger broke?

The iPhone charger is notorious for having cracks and breaking in parts. This usually happens when people just throw their chargers in their bags without protecting the cable. If this breaks inside the charging port though, you have a sticky situation on your hands.

Let’s see what has helped other users to get out of this fix with their iPhone chargers.

Fix 1: SIM Ejector tool to the rescue

The SIM ejector comes in handy when you want to remove small parts from the charging port.

This is also a good idea because the tool is specifically designed to fit into a small crevice without creating scratches. If the charging port gets unnecessary scratches, it might have trouble connecting to other chargers in the future.

So, the first thing to try is obviously the SIM ejector tool. Try to pry the charger piece out by putting the tool in from one of the ends. See if the other end of the piece pops out enough to get it out with your hand.

Fix 2: Safety pin

If you have lost the SIM ejector tool which is quite common as people easily lose the tool with the box that the phone comes in you have other options.

Similar functionality could be provided by a safety pin. However, the safety pin has a sharp point, unlike the SIM ejector tool which is designed with a blunt tip.

When you are trying to put the safety pin inside the charging port, do not try too many times as it could seriously scratch and damage the charging port.

Fix 3: Use Nail clippers

Nail clippers are great for holding the charger piece from both ends and then pulling it out.

You can try to fit the entire piece into the mouth of the nail clippers but in some models, you might not be able to get the mouth to open that wide.

Fix 4: Use the Tweezers

Fish out the tweezers. This innocent-looking tool always presents to be of help when you need to pull something out from a crevice.

It also has the option to open wide so that you will not face the same problem that you face with the mouth of a nail clipper.

Fix 5: Use Glue- Precisely, Superglue

You can also use Superglue to try to fish out the broken piece of cable from the charging port and this is the option that will inflict the least amount of damage to the port.

The trick is to apply super glue to an object that can fit into the charging port and is almost the same size as the cable.

You can use a screwdriver as it also has a handle that will make it easier to pull everything out. Apply a bit of super glue to the screwdriver and carefully insert it into the broken piece in the charging port.

When the glue dries, pull the piece out along with the screwdriver.

Make sure that you do not use excess superglue and do not get it inside the charging port. The glue should strictly stay only on the charging cable piece.

Fix 6: Always make sure that you use genuine cable 

Do not use any cable from the local store around your house. This is not a solution but a preventive measure to make sure that you do not get a cable that breaks on a small tug.

Use genuine charger cables not only do they last long, but they are also compatible with the phone and will not damage it.

Fix 7: Take the iPhone to the service station

If the charger piece is really stuck and you can’t get rid of it no matter what, do not inflict more damage by using random methods.

Take the phone to a service station for getting the piece removed. The service station employees have special tools that they can use to dismantle certain parts safely and remove the stuck machinery.

To conclude

The iPhone charger can sometimes break right inside the charging port and cause havoc in your life temporarily.

We have suggested some reliable solutions that have helped other users get the piece out of the charging port. Hopefully, these helped you as well.

Keep following for more technical advice. 

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