How To Fix If Your “Chromebook won’t turn on”?

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While starting the chromebook are you getting black screen even when you have charged the device? Even after switching it on, you face black screen or no sign of starting up.

There can be multiple reason for that, but to point out exact one is quite difficult. So rather than wasting time behind the reason let’s look at some ways, which can help you out of this situation.

How To Fix If Your "Chromebook Won’t Turn On"

Note: Given steps to fix Chromebook Won’t Turn On issue work for all the ChromOS brands.

How To Fix If Your “Chromebook Won’t Turn On”?

Fix 1: Charge the device

First plug in the charger even if you are sure it is charged. Then check the charging light, if it is illuminating or not.

  •  It should be on, even if not let it go.
  • Charge fully for 3.5 hours straight, to get the battery full.
  • Don’t look at the indicator, as with time its accuracy fades away.
  • Then try to start the process after charging.

Fix 2: Hard reset

Just hold and press the power button for 30 seconds and shut it down forcefully, in most cases force shut down helps and restore it. This can be the first resort if it is well charged. Charging can be checked through led indicator blue or orange lights.

Force shutdown clears Chromebooks hardware, like Ram and other caches. So hard reset can do wonders to your black screen.

Fix 3: Remove all connected USBs.

If you have plugged any USBs with your Chromebook then just unplug all the USBs or device attached to the chromebook and restart the Chromebook. If it starts working, plug in them all. If it’s still not working then unplug usb’s one by one to check which one is creating problem.

Fix 4: Check For Update

If you are getting this issue recently then the check for your ChromeOS update. If there is any pending update then please consider updating it.

Fix 5: Remove applications from Chrome web browser.

If you are getting black screen issue frequently, and could not fix it with above given steps then delete all the apps downloaded from chrome web store because there are apps, which doesn’t get updated and cause bugs, which ultimately affects the device. So we will suggest you to first delete apps downloaded recently.

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Fix 5: Sign in as different user.

If problem persist regularly then “sign in” as different user by adding different account because sometimes an account gets corrupted, face apps integration or a syncing error in your laptop. So sometimes logging from different account helps, as corrupted account cause chrome OS to act weirdly.

Fix 5: Do a complete powerwash “Factory reset”

Note: Before attempting this step make sure to save your data in cloud or hard drive, as it can delete your personal data. Data can be saved in Google drive or in hard drive.

  • Go to settings by clicking on 3 dots/3 lines in the upper right hand corner.
  • Tap advanced settings.
  • There you will see the option ‘powerwash’ click on that and let it reset.
  • Once the popup prompts tap restart.
  • Once it is restarted, enter new account as asked to proceed ahead because your laptop is clean at this point, like a new one.
  • Now you can import all the saved files from google drive or hard drive.
  • The laptop is now reset back to factory settings. You can perform all task on it now.

Fix 7: Remove the battery

Removing battery will reset caches, plus all other internal components. This method can works as sometimes battery life has completed and you might replace a new battery. You can also get it done by expert hardware engineer if you are not comfortable.

Note: also check the brightness, while checking and trying all steps.

Fix 8: Contact Manufacturer

If none of the given methods are working for you then your manufacturer is waiting for you. A service at the service store might put life into your laptop.

You can visit here for more Error Code guide.

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