How To Get Cinema HD V2 (Version 2) Apk For Windows & MAC PC?

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Today there are all kinds of streaming apps and websites where you can watch your favourite movies, TV shows, web series, etc.

The most popular subscription-based streaming platforms in the world are Netflix, Prime Video, HBO, Hulu etc.

But there are some other streaming apps too which let you enjoy the same kind of feature like these paid streaming services but for free.

One such streaming application is Cinema HD which is officially just available for Android phones, but in this post, I am going to tell you that how you can enjoy this app on your Windows or MAC PC with Android Emulator.

Cinema HD V2 (Version 2) Apk For Winodws & MAC PC

Download Cinema HD V2 Apk

The first thing you need is the Cinema HD apk file, so from below, download the Cinema HD Apk file.

How To Install Cinema HD Apk On Windows Or MAC PC?

To enjoy any android application over Windows or MAC OS, you need an Android emulator. You can download any Android emulator for your pc device as per your choice.

To explain the tutorial, we are using Bluestack Emulator as an example, and it’s available for both Windows & MAC.

  • Go to
  • Download the Bluestack
  • Install the Bluestack to your device
  • Download Cinema HD Apk from above
  • Open Bluestack on your pc
  • Go to media Manager
  • Import the Cinema HD Apk file
  • Once the import is finished, tap on the imported file
  • Tap install
  • Wait till it finishes the installation process
  • Enjoy

Cinema HD Apk Features

  • Easily switch between movies and TV shows: just tap on the three parallel icons from the top left corner, and choose between movies or tv shows.
  • Featured list: Go to the main menu, and tap featured list, where you can access the list of titles categorized as per different streaming services.
  • Make your own favourite list: You can also choose and make a list of your favourite content.
  • Detailed watch history: just tap on the main menu, and tap history to access your watch history.
  • Pay to get ads free experience: The app show you ads to make profits; if you are annoyed by it, then you can switch to a paid membership for ads free experience.
  • Tv calendar: From the main menu, you can access the TV calendar to find the list of all the upcoming TV episodes and other details.
  • Enable subtitles: Subtitles helps you to understand the movie much better, and the app gives you the option to enable subtitles for every title you play.

Useful Cinema HD Apk Settings

  • Auto Play: Just go to the app settings, and enable autoplay so the app will automatically play the next episode itself.
  • Choose default player: Under the setting, you can choose the default media player to use by the app to play titles.
  • Clear Cache: If you face any difficulty while using the app, then you can clear your cache from settings.
  • Subtitles: under the subtitles setting, you can choose from different subtitle options.
  • Auto Back-Up your cinema HD user data: Under the app’s settings, you can also backup your favourite list, history settings etc, to your phone. So in case you lose this data, then you can restore it.

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