How to clone someone’s cell phone to see text messages & other data remotely?

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Clone someone Phone To See Text Msgs and Other Data Remotely

The advancement and digitization have led to incredible things. You can clone someone’s cell phone to remotely see text messages and other data. You can clone a cellphone using powerful tools and various techniques, and the blog will help you learn how to do so.

Cell phones have been an essential part of our lives, and we store all the sensitive and private data on our phones. To steal data, make fraudulent phone calls, and create benefits is the primary approach of cell phone cloning. You can see some USSD codes if your and your family’s devices are hacked.

What is Cell phone cloning?

Cell phone cloning is copying the identity of one phone to another cell phone, and it is done to make unauthorized use of the phone’s sensitive data. People clone a phone to steal an identity, causing fraud and scams. 

After cloning the target phone, you can access all the necessary data and information, including text messages, call history, social media, and other activities.

How to clone someone’s mobile phone?

Mobile Identification numbers and Electronic Serial numbers are required if you try to clone a phone, and the real owner will receive bills and have to bear other financial costs. 

You can clone cell phones by cracking the cellular network, hacking through cell phones, or making wrecking cell phone companies or re-sellers.

 Cloning may have been successful, but it is beyond the reach of normal people due to the involvement of difficult techniques. But due to advancements in technology, there are powerful tools and software to clone targeted phones.

Why clone someone’s cell phone?

There are numerous reasons you want to clone someone else’s phone. Most people clone the device to make fraudulent calls, scams, and financial benefits. Here are some potential reasons you should clone someone’s phone,

Reason 1: Child Safety

Children of the current generation are very much into gadgets and technologies. Almost all children spend most of their time scrolling on mobile phones. Using cell phones may have many positives, but it can be equally negative and vulnerable to children.

 Protecting children and ensuring safety measures should be every parent’s or guardian’s responsibility. Children can be exposed to improper content from social media and online platforms. If a parent can clone their children’s phones, they can regularly monitor their children’s activities.

 You, as a parent, can protect your children from cyberbullying, online grooming, online harassment, and other horrendous crimes. If you can gather information regarding text messages and other data, you will have an insightful view of your children’s activities.

Reason 2: Employee Monitoring

Cloning an employee’s phone can help you figure out if they violate the company’s rules by sharing confidential and sensitive data. 

You can face casualties and vulnerabilities if they are sharing your company’s data. You can check the effectiveness and efficiency of their work life. You can find out if they are wasting time on social media and other online platforms.

Reason 3: Partner Monitoring

You can resolve any of your doubts if you suspect your partner is cheating. Cloning your partner’s phone to view text messages, call history, social media usage, and other activities can help you monitor your partner closely. 

If your partner is behaving abnormally lately or is trying to hide something, cloning their cell phone should sort out the issue.

Best Software to clone someone’s cell phone

There are plenty of methods and applications available to clone someone’s cell phone to view text messages and other data. Let us discuss some of them,

1. MobileSpy

Phone clone app

Mobile spy is an excellent spy app that can help clone someone’s phone. You can dive into their text messages and other personal data using this application without physically touching the phone or requiring any password.

 You can access the data on both Android and iOS devices, and you don’t need to jailbreak or root the targeted iOS or Android device. Apps like MobileSpy are used to track and monitor others’ activities, but you can use them as cell phone cloning software.

 To start using Mobile spy, you should choose a subscription plan between Basic, Standard, and Premium. You can now sign in with your MobileSpy ID and password and start monitoring the activities of target devices. 

The app works in stealth mode without hinting to target users that they are being tracked. You can now track text messages and other data easily. 


  • You can spy calls, text messages, and sim card information
  • You can track GPS history along with the live location
  • You can access social media apps, including Facebook, Instagram, and many more
  • You will be able to monitor multimedia 
  • You can even access the browsing history
  • You can get notifications with real-time alerts
  • You can track the keystrokes from social media

2. Spylix

clone app

Spylix should be another incredible option for those who want to clone someone’s phone. You will be able to view others’ text and other data without them knowing. Spylix guarantees you the ease of use, effectiveness, and load of features.

 Spylix can be used to clone both Android and iOS devices without rooting or jailbreaking. Spylix also works in stealth mode, so you don’t need to worry about being caught. Spylix does more than cloning: it can be used to track almost all of the activities in the target device.

 You will be able to create a free account. If you wish to subscribe to monitor the activities of target users closely, you will only get the option of a premium plan. You can log in with your account and follow the instructions on the guidance page.

 After you have completed the process, you will be able to start cloning on the cell phone remotely. You can access all the information on your dashboard. 


  • You can monitor calls and view detailed timestamp
  • You can observe most of the social media of the target user
  • You can view the gallery and other multimedia files
  • You can track your current GPS location and have a Geo-fencing feature
  • You can view contacts, notes, and event calendar
  • You can watch your target user’s internet activity and usage
  • You can block applications, enable keyloggers and record audio and video

3. Hoverwatch

cloning app

Hoverwatch should be another excellent app for phone cloning. Having satisfied thousands of customers worldwide, it is one for the pick. However, it is a spy app, but it does the cloning job. 

Hoverwatch has a reputation for developing products focused on kids and employees if you want to clone their devices. Hoverwatch aims to protect confidential data and intellectual properties. 

You can access this tracker app without being deleted. Additionally, Hoverwatch assists you in monitoring others’ activities with the help of keylogging to clone personal data. Unfortunately, Hoverwatch is not available for iPhones. Till, for Androids, it can provide the information being completely stealth. 

You need to pick  between Personal, professional, and business plan.  You are ready to go when you sign in with your ID and password after creating a Hoverwatch account. The text messages and other personal information are available on your dashboard.


  • You can track all incoming and outgoing phone calls and texts with timestamps and details
  • You can get information from multiple social media
  •  The GPS tracking feature allows you to view the target device’s location
  • You can view all internet history
  • You can view the multimedia and even newly installed apps and delete them 
  • It works even without a sim card, and you can create screenshots
  • You can access up to 25 devices with the help of Hoverwatch.
  • You can access the calendar and Todo list information.

Other Methods To To Clone Someone’s Cell Phone

Method 1: Cloning with Bluetooth 

You can also clone a target phone with the help of a Bluetooth cloner tool like Spooftooph or Blue Scanner to exploit users’ private data. With the Bluetooth clone tool, you can access phone logs, texts, calls, and even keystrokes.

 The application can easily connect with the target device if they toggle on Bluetooth. Though, the device should be within the Bluetooth range. You can use Bluetooth cloning to hide Bluetooth devices in plain sight, access sensitive information, and observe.

 Using cloning apps like Spooftooph will generate a new Bluetooth profile and change every second. You will have to specify device information and start cloning from the scan log on the application.

Method 2: Data Transferring app

Using apps such as AppClone and CLONEit can provide you an opportunity to multiple backup data and transfer them without the assistance of cable or even a network. You can access settings, texts, contacts, applications, and other sensitive data. The speed of data transfer is outrageous, and you should also not worry about privacy. 

You can even uninstall applications to create more space. You will get extreme security of the data, so no one else will be able to view the data directly. You should install applications on both phones and can transfer the required information simultaneously.

Method 3: Cloning on iOS

If you use an iPhone or any other iOS device, you can backup text messages and other private data with the assistance of iCloud. Using iCloud, you will not need any third-party apps for cloning.

 But, firstly, ensure you have login credentials of target users ready to back up the text messages and other data. Here’s how you do so,

  • Log in with the target user’s iCloud account.
  • Choose a backup file from your iCloud backups for recovery.
  • Choose the backup file that contains a text message and other private data and save it to your PC.
  • Select news and other data from the window and start scanning them.
  •  You can now read the text messages and get access to other days after the data are scanned
  •   Select recover to the computer to save the data

Method 4: Cloning on Android 

There are plenty of apps and tools available in the Google store to help you recover the necessary data from one Android phone to another. 

Even Though Android provides easy access to the SD card on your device, it is still hard to transfer data between two Androids. You can use the Phone trans app, or even Google play to clone or back up the required data.

1. Phone Trans

Phone Trans is a professional phone transfer tool. It is very convenient for making switching easy and fast. With Phonetrans usage, you no longer need to be worried about data loss and duplicated data while cloning.

 Also, don’t forget to back up the data before cloning, as the target device will be erased once you start cloning. Here’s how you back up the data using PhoneTrans,

  • Download Phone Trans on your computer
  • Connect your Android Device to your computer with the help of adapter or USB cables
  • On the left, pick the Phone to Phone option
  • Select Phone Clone on the right
  • Tap Start Clone 
  • Follow the onscreen instruction and select the text messages and other necessary data you want to clone

2. Google Drive

One of the known ways to backup and restore your data is Google drive. You can get the assistance of data transfer from one Android to another. You can backup up to 15GB of data from Google Drive. Here’s how to do so,

  • Go to settings on the Target Phone
  • Tap Accounts and Backup
  • Tap Back up data (Google Drive)
  • Follow the onscreen instructions

Ensure you know the logon credentials of the target phone to back up the text messages and other required data on your phone.

How to Tell if Your Phone Has Been Cloned?

There are many ways you can tell someone has cloned your phone. Some of the possibilities are listed below,

  • You are locked out of your accounts, including social media, Gmail, and many more
  • You get a random text message requesting you to restart your cell phone
  • You suddenly don’t get calls and text messages 
  • You get a letter from you provided that your SIM card has been upgraded
  • Navigation apps show your phone in a different location
  • You get unrecognized bills on your cell phone


We believe this blog will help you clone someone else’s messages and other data. We recommend you use the provided tools and techniques morally and ethically; cloning your children’s devices for their safety is every parent’s right. 

But for cases like cloning your partners, or other people’s devices for your benefit, you can get in trouble with the law. Additionally, if you want to prevent your phone from being cloned, you can use anti-phishing apps, antivirus, and other security apps. They can detect any minor unusual activities on your device.

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