How To Fix Cloudflare error code 526?

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Cloudflare Error Code 526

If you use Cloudfare for creating a reverse proxy on your website, you must be aware that they regularly stay in touch with the customers and solve any issues that might arise.

This is great because Cloudflare is a highly technical product and it cannot be maneuvered without a great support team.

The trouble with the SSL certificate identification of your website can trigger the Cloudfare error code 526.

We will discuss what the original support website suggests you do when you encounter this error.

Some of the solutions that we mention are also taken from the different user advice on user forums for Cloudflare as well.

So, let’s eliminate the error code and get the system back to functioning.

How to solve the Cloudfare error code 526?

Now that we know that the trouble is related to the TSL/SSL certificate of the website, we can move to the solutions that will eliminate the error.

We have a couple of reasons why you can encounter this error code for. We will discuss them along with the solutions in this section.

Fix 1: Check the status of the SSL/TSL certificate 

Usually, when you encounter this error code, there is something wrong with the certificate of the origin web server.

This can happen due to some reasons that you need to check for.

  • Check if the certificate is expired.
  • Check if the certificate has been canceled
  • Check if the certificate is valid. As in, duly signed by an authority.
  • Make sure that the certificate has the name of the requested domain

If all of these things are checked and there are no issues, then there might be an issue with the Cloudflare settings.

Fix 2: You have the Cloudflare software running on Strict protocol.

If you are running CloudFlare in Full(Strict) mode. It is causing CloudFlare to not recognize the website certificate.

Here is how you can change the settings from the Strict mode.

  • Launch the Cloudflare panel.
  • Look for the domain
  • Select the SSL/TSL option
  • Click on the option named Overview
  • Now you can switch the mode from Full(Strict) mode.

To conclude

The error code 526 on Cloudflare is related to the platform not recognizing the valid website certificate.

It can happen when there is trouble with the certificate or the settings at Cloudflare.

We have listed the solutions for both of those issues. Hopefully, this was of help. Keep following for more technical advice.

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