How To Enable Or Disable Comfort View, Reading Mode, Or Eye Comfort Shield On Android?

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Last Updated on August 20, 2021

Comfort View, Reading Mode, Or Eye Comfort Shield, all are different names of similar features.

In normal mode, your phone’s screen puts more pressure on your eyes, so to fix this, users can enable this option to reduce eye strain from blue light.

comfort view on LG Phone

Different brands use this feature with different names; here are few examples,

  • LG phone call it: Comfort View
  • Redmi phone call it: Reading Mode
  • Samsung phone call it: Eye Comfort Shield

So as I said, all the smartphone brands use different names, but the feature works the same. You can find this option under the Display Settings on all smartphones.

Below I am going to tell you the steps to enable or disable Comfort View, Reading Mode, Or Eye Comfort Shield On Android.

How To Enable Or Disable Comfort View In Lg Phone?

  • Go to your phone settings
  • Tap display
  • Tap Comfort View
  • Toggle on the Comfort View option

Note: You can also manually adjust the effect as per your preference, or you can also switch between Black or White background (Dark Mode Or Light Mode).

There is another option that you can also schedule this display effect at your preferred time, just toggle on Schedule and choose the settings.

How To Enable Or Disable Reading Mode In Redmi Phones?

  • Go to setting
  • Tap display
  • Tap reading mode
  • Toggle on Reading Mode

Note: from here, you can also adjust the level of the Reading Mode effect as per your preference, or you can also schedule the Reading Mode effect at your preferred time.

How To Enable Or Disable Eye Comfort Shield In Samsung Phones?

  • Open your phone settings
  • Go to display
  • Toggle on Eye Comfort Shield

Note: To adjust the level of “Eye Comfort Shield” effect, just tap on the option and adjust under the “colour temperature”. You can also schedule the Eye Comfort Shield at your preferred time.

What About This Feature On All Other’s Brand Android Phones?

Just go to your phone display settings, and look for a similar option. I have smartphones of all these three brands, so I was able to explain the exact steps.

This feature is 100% available for your phone; you just need to look for it under your phone display settings.

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