How to connect LG TV to Wi-fi without a remote?

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There are times when you just cannot remember where you have kept your TV remote. Sometimes, you find it under your TV cushions or there are other times when you find it under your rug.

And there are also instances when you just can’t help but wonder whether the remote has legs of its own to roam around, when you find it in the most unexpected of places. 

Now, obviously one cannot play hide and seek the whole day with his or her TV remote. Right? Especially when there is something important to be aired on TV on top of that. 


Well, for those using an LG TV, there is certainly good news. And since you are already here, I guess you pretty much know what it is.

And thus, in the following ‘How to Guide’ article, I’ll try to explain in detail How to connect LG TV to Wi-fi without a remote, quite easily by just using your Android Device.

This way, not only will you have the ability to connect your LG TV to your Wi-fi without a remote, but also gain the freedom to control your LG TV from anywhere by just using your Android phone.

And not just Android Phone, this guide will also show you how to connect other USB devices such as a mouse or keyboard to your LG TV and use it to access and connect to your Wi-fi and Ethernet connection without having to use a remote at all.

How to check mouse compatibility with LG TV?

Before we actually go on following the steps to connect our LG TV to the Wi-fi network with the help of a mouse or keyboard. It is very important that we first check whether the mouse you are using is compatible with your TV or not. 

NOTE: For this obviously you will need your TV remote. Without the TV remote, checking whether your particular mouse is compatible or not may be a little difficult. This is only for checking the compatibility of your mouse or keyboard with that of your TV set. Connecting a mouse to your TV set requires no remote and can be done directly as shown in the “Steps to connect LG TV to Wi-fi without a remote”, section below.

You can check your mouse and TV compatibility by following the steps as shown below:

  • For the very first step, you will need to go to your LG TV’s user guide section. 
  • Once you are inside the user guide option section. Next, go to the option magic remote and select on it.
  • Under the magic remote section, you should be able to find the Using a keyboard and mouse option. 
  • Simply, click on it to check all the mouse and keyboards recommended or are termed compatible with your LG TV set. 

For some reason, if your mouse or keyboard is not present in the list mentioned above. If your device is a new model or not very ancient, then there are high chances that those too will work just fine with your LG TV set as well.

How to connect LG TV to Wifi without remote?

Let us next have a look at how to go on connecting your LG TV to your Wifi connection without having to use your TV remote at all.

  • Connecting your mouse or keyboard device to your LG TV unit is pretty straight forward actually. Simply find the USB slot of your TV unit and plug your mouse into it. 
  • Next, under the TV unit, below the LG logo, you will find a button which on pressing on it will display in front of you, three options to choose from. 
  • From the three listed options, choose and select the input option.
  • After clicking on the input option, from the list of options displayed, next click on the Live TV option.
  • Once that is done, go to the extreme right hand corner of the screen and click on the recommended icon option from the drop down menu.
  • After clicking on the recommended icon option, you will be then prompted with a “you are not connected” or “network disconnected’ message. 
  • Under the message, you will find a ‘Yes’ option, which you will need to click on and then from the Network Settings option, select the Wifi network you want to connect to and fill in the required credentials and details to successfully connect to your desired Wifi network.
  • Lastly, after all that is done simply click on the Save option to save all your changes.

How to use your Mobile phone as an LG TV remote?

Once, you have successfully connected your LG TV to your home Wi-fi network, you can next, very easily control your LG TV with the help of your android or apple phone device.

You can do this by following the steps as shown below:

  • Firstly, connect both your LG TV as well as your mobile phone device to the same Wi-fi network.
  • Next, depending upon which mobile phone device you are using, you can either go to Google’s Play Store or Apple’s App Store. 
  • Then, search for the tool, “Smartify LG TV Remote” or any other similar app listed out by either Google or Apple store and install it on your device. 
  • Once installed, click on the app to open it and you shall be prompted with a message saying the app would like to search for and connect to devices on the local network. 
  • Click on the OK button and wait for your phone to connect to the local network you had set up.
  • After all connections have been established, you can then control your LG TV directly from your smartphone device. 

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