How to Connect Printer With a Chromebook?

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Google’s Chromebook is all about online services, and one of the best web based laptops in the market. It is specially designed for education and academics.

How to Connect Printer With a Chromebook?

Printing out is quite easier from a chromebook due to its simple features. Here we will learn how we can connect a Printer to Chromebook and take a Printout from it.

In this tutorial we will learn how to connect both Wireless and wired Printer on a Chromebook. Make sure that your Printer is WIFI enabled and can be connected to WIFI or Internet, in case it is Wireless.

How to Connect A Wireless Printer to Chromebook?

  • Connect your Printer and Chromebook to the Internet.
  • Make sure that your Printer and Chromebook are connected to same Network.
  • If you face any challenge to connect your printer to Network, check your manufacturer’s guidelines.
  • Now open Chromebook’s settings.
  • Go to search bar in settings and type ‘Print’.
  • Now Click on ‘Printers’
  • Then tap on “Add printer” button.
  • Now select your Printer’s name in the list and then Click on “Add” to pair your printer with your Chromebook.

How To Connect Wired Printer On Chromebook?

  • Plug In USB Cable into your Printer and then plug the other end into your Chromebook.
  • You may need an adapter according to the cable you have and what kind of ports your chromebook has.
  • Now open the Settings in your Chromebook and type “Print” in the settings search bar.
  • After that tap on “Printer”.
  • Then click on “Add Printer” Button.
  • Now go to the List and select your Printers name and click on the blue “Add” button to finish pairing.

How to Print a page on Chromebook

  • Select the page, document or image you wish to Print.
  • Press Ctrl + P.
  • Now select Drop Down, next to destination.
  • Then choose see more…
  • Now select your Printer from the List.
  • Click on PRINT.

How To Scan A Document on Chromebook?

  • Go to Settings in Chromebook, by clicking on Time Icon at bottom right.
  • Click on Advanced down the page.
  • Go to “Print and Scan” and select Scan.
  • Click on the drop down menu to select Scanner.
  • Then click on Scan Button.

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