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I am pretty sure if you are here today reading this article, then at some point of your writing career you must have definitely faced a writer’s block.

This is one or even many such events in a writer’s career when it is just impossible to come up with new words or lines that make sense. 

It does not actually matter whether you are a complete beginner or have been in this profession for quite some time now. A writer’s block is one such issue which is faced by writers all around.

Copysmith Review

And if you are someone who as a writer has to meet client’s demand and are short on time, then this issue can become quite a big problem as more and more work gets stacked up day after day. 

Thankfully however, with the advancement in AI technology today, there is some hope to take care of the writer’s block problem once and for all.

Today, we have a number of new AI writing tools being developed everyday, just so writers find it a little easier to get their work done in time and without having to put in any extra effort and energy. 

Currently, there are quite a few AI writing tools out there with the help of which, you can go on writing as well as automatically generating articles whenever and wherever necessary without the need to put in countless hours just to get a single article done.

What is Copysmith?

Since you are already out here, I believe it should be safe for me to assume that you already know what an AI writing tool is and what to expect.

And hence, in the following review I will try my best to not bore you with things that you might already know about obvious AI writing tool features, but instead bring to you things only which Copysmith typically has to offer and is good at being an AI writing tool on its own.

However, for those of you who have no idea at all about Copysmith. Or someone completely new to the topic of AI writing tools overall. 

An AI writing tool is basically a smart Artificial Intelligence program specially designed for writers to help generate as well as write quality content on their own by learning from data and experiences in the past.

Something which typically most AI devices or programs do. Similarly, even Copysmith is such an AI program which with the help of all the data and experiences provided to it in the past by both developers as well as users overall, is able to generate content which is qualitative in nature. 

Our Overall Rating – Copysmith

Overall Assessment – 4.0

  • User Experience – 4.4
  • UX Interface Design – 3.8
  • Ease of Using – 4.1
  • Performance – 4.2
  • Responsiveness – 3.6 
  • Features – 4.4

Copysmith Pros & Cons


  • Good Trial Version (6 days)
  • Easy & Clean User Interface design
  • Offers rich features to generate quality content
  • No need for any kind of software download & installation
  • Bowser Friendly
  • Provides accurate plagiarism checks 


  • User Interface have a little responsiveness issues
  • Professional & Team plans are a little costly
  • Long Sign-Up Process
  • Limited plagiarism checks for each plan

What Copysmith claims it has to offer?

In the following part we will just try to look at what are some of the few things which Copysmith has to offer or atleast claims it has to offer.

This part is basically for those who are completely new to Copysmith and are still unfamiliar with what Copysmith has to offer in terms of features and functionality.

As for those as I mentioned earlier, who might be already familiar with Copysmith and all its features, feel free to skip down to the Quaries Review part where we go on comparing what Copysmith claims to offer and what it actually does offer. 


Before we go on talking about the various features which Copysmith has to offer. I believe it is equally essential that we first look into as well as compare the pricings Copysmith has to offer compared to other such similar AI tools out there. Because, in the end a good deal is always a deal which costs less and offers more. Right?

So, without any further ado let us straight away dive into the various pricing plans Copysmith has for you as well as weigh it up against such similar AI tools out there to see whether spending money over Copysmith is actually going to be worth it or not.

copysmith Pricing

As you can see from the screenshot above, Copysmith basically has four pricing plans to offer its users. 

There is the Starter Plan ideal for freelancers who work on their own. 

Second, we have the Professional plan which again is ideal for individual freelancers but with a little more features and freedom. 

Then next, we have the Team plan which you might have already guessed allows more than one person to work together with all the features you would get on a Professional plan. 

And finally, we have the Enterprise plan suited for big corporations and organizations which work on a large scale and need more flexibility and control over generating quality content for marketing and converting potential traffic. 

Now, you are clear with how many plans there are to choose from. Let us next have a little comparison among some of the other similar alternatives out there for the basic plans each has to offer.

Price Comparison Table With Competitors

Tool NamePricing (Basic Pack)
Seo Content Machine $27/month

As you can see, when it comes to pricing Copysmith clearly falls somewhere in the middle. It is not as heavily priced as Wordai and neither is it as cheap and reasonable as Rytr.

And as we go on looking at the various features, things will get clearer to whether having to pay $19/month is a good deal after all or not.

Copysmith Features according to plans

Copysmith Features according to plans

Now, as you can see from the plan pricing and feature chart above, it is quite clear and obvious that the Enterprise Plan at the very end will have it all to offer. But, then again for a hefty price which only large corporations can afford. 

However, coming back to the three primary plans ideal for both single person users as well as small to medium teams, let us have a look into what each has to offer.

Copysmith Key Features

1. Teams and Collaboration Feature

This feature as many of you might have already guessed is only available for the team and enterprise plans.

But, between those too out of all the things included in the teams and collaboration features such as Workflow queue, Project & File Sharing, Bulk Copy, Bulk Import & Export and Custom Templates, the last two are not available for the Team Plan.

2. Integrations

When it comes to efficient working to save time and energy, how well a program or tool can integrate itself with other apps plays a great role.

Similarly, even in case of Copysmith integration features are offered where you can easily integrate the tool with other programs such as Google Docs, Google Ads, Shopify, Frase SEO Enhancer along with a Chrome Extension to be able to use it elsewhere where text needs to be edited.

You can integrate Copysmith with the apps mentioned above for all the plans except just for the Starter plan where you are only allowed to integrate it with Google Docs and Chrome Extension. A major turn-off for writers like me who work on a tight budget, you could say.

3. In-App Support Feature

Under In-App Support features Copysmith has to offer three services namely Chat, Email and Account Manager, where the last service is only available for Enterprise plan users.

Personally, I don’t think a single user or small team will ever need an account manager service so there is no major disappointment there. 

However, the only thing I am a little confused at the time is whether the In-App Support feature overall is available for the Starter plan or not as you can see from the screenshot below. 

copysmith In-App Support Feature

But, then again when you extend the In-App Support tab, it somehow shows that the Chat and Email service is available for the Starter plan as shown below.

copysmith in App features

Because, I personally am only using the trial version on my own and writing my review based on that, I guess I won’t be able to make a firm conclusion on whether the Starter plan supports Chat and Email or not. I honestly hope it is just a typo and would request Copysmith to correct it on their part.

4. Credits

Well, I won’t call this a feature since it is just a credit system you use for the various services you use as listed above. Still, since the Copysmith website has put credits on their feature list, I have decided to do the same as well.

The Starter plan comes with 50 credits/month. How these 50 credits get used, we will try to further look into it while we use and review the product on our own below. 

For all the other plans, there is no limit to how much you can use it i.e credits are unlimited. 

5. Plagiarism Check 

For the number of plagiarism you can check, apart from the Enterprise plan there is a limit to all other plans.

The Starter plan allows you to check atleast 20 per month. 

The Professional plan lets you check 100 per month. And the Team plan allows users to check around 500 per month.

6. 60+ Language Support

This is the same for all the plans. Copysmith currently supports more than 60+ major languages out there and will add up even more on request according to their official website. 

7. Default Templates

To make life easier, Copysmith brings to its users their very own collection of Templates to help generate content in no time. The default templates which Copysmith has to offer currently are as follows:


  • Blog Ideas
  • Blog Introduction
  • Blog Outline
  • Bullet Point Expander
  • Free Form Smart Edition
  • Product Description


  • Amazon Product Description
  • Carousel Ads
  • Facebook Ads
  • Google Ads
  • Instagram Ads
  • Instagram Product Description


  • Ad Headlines
  • Ad Ideas
  • AIDA Framework
  • Before After Bridge
  • Content Ideas
  • FAQ Ideas
  • Listicle
  • Pain Budget Solution
  • Social Media Captions
  • YouTube Video Description

Branding and Website

  • Brand Essence
  • Landing Pages
  • SEO Meta Tag
  • Taglines
  • Unique Value Proposition


  • Article Summary 
  • Article Writing Assistant
  • Blog Post
  • Content Enhancer
  • Content Rewriter
  • Event Press Release
  • Growth Ideas
  • Pitch Yourself
  • Sales Email Generator

8. Ali’s Expertise

This is one such key feature which only Copysmith explicitly has to offer its users. Ali’s Expertise is basically your AI assistance that helps you generate up-to-date contents based on research work it gets done on its own, so that you don’t need to waste anymore of your time and energy on carrying out your own research.

9. Free Form Smart Editor

Copysmith’s Free Form Smart Editor gives you access to a wide variety of responsive templates that consist of Content Rewriter, Content Enhancer and Content Expander templates all in one single feature ideal for creating even long form blog posts. 

What Do We Think About Copysmith?

Finally, we are here to lay out our research work as well as present to you our review after having used the Copysmith AI tool for more than a week now. 

Hence, without wasting any more time let us straight away start discussing our very own findings in comparison to what Copysmith actually claims to offer and help you decide whether paying up for the services offered by Copysmith will benefit you or not. 

What Copysmith actually has to offer according to us!

1. Long Login Process

Honestly speaking, a long Sign Up process has never been an eye candy for me. I bet this is the same for you all too.

Today, where everything is expected to be lightning speed, having to fill up a form just to be able to try out an app is something which I personally feel is really not worth it.  

And although, at first, Copysmith seems like the type of website where you can straight away Sign Up through your Google Account or Outlook account as you can see from the screenshot below.

copysmith Login dashboard

That is not the case however, once you go past that. Because, once you have Signed In using your Social Media or Mail Account, having to be greeted with a form as below is not something which everybody might prefer. Atleast, not me.

copysmith Login dashboard

This was personally a major turn off for me, since I would rather prefer it at the very beginning than after I Signed In to Copysmith for the first time. It felt more like a trick to be honest.

On their part I understand they are trying to gather data to most probably add up to their big data program to be able to do better research and provide good results. But, then again if they would just give an option to skip the process. It would have been really appreciated. 

So, now the only question is whether after having fed in all such data being asked, whether it can provide the results it so promised. 

2. User Interface

At first glance, the interface looked quite appealing and clean. something , every dashboard should look like.

However, when you look closely or play a little here and there with the Copysmith interface it might not be as responsive as you might think it to be.

To understand this better let us have a look at the following screenshot below.

copysmith User Interface

Here, pay close attention to the area which is inside the red box. Now as you can see, there is most probably a function out there behind my system’s window button.

However, there is no scrolling down option to see what function is actually behind it. I could not even figure out whether there were more functions below it or not, given the fact that there was no option for me to scroll down obviously. 

And that is not where it ends. On my first preliminary inspection itself, I found one other minor flaw while looking into the responsiveness of the Copysmith interface.

Copysmith interface

In the above screenshot, I would like to draw your attention to the part where the tool’s Search Bar is located.

And as you can see, when I had tried to restore the browser window, the ‘6 days left’ message as well as the Search Bar clearly overlapped each other. 

Now, obviously this is not a very big deal. I too agree. However, when you pay up to $19/month for a tool. There are surely some things you would expect from it. Right?

Moreover, as a writer, there are often occasions when I need to shrink and maximize the size of a window most often.

And surely I would not want to see my work overlap with each other then. And thus, I would really appreciate it if Copysmith would make a note of the above problems I experienced while using their tool.

3. User Experience

For the User Experience part we will go across and through each of the options on the left pane right from the Home tab to the Tutorials tab, so please expect it to be a bit lengthy.

However, I will try to categorize them according to the Tab name, hence it will be easier to both read and understand where is what.

4. Home Interface

Starting with the Home tab, here we have the clean file management dashboard as shown in the image below.

The dashboard interface is divided into two panes, with the All Files, My Workflow items, Bookmarked sections to the left.

Under which there is the Projects section where you can categorize your Projects according to your convenience.

Home Interface

To the right, you can view all your files which you have created as well as which you will be creating. 

For starters, I tried creating a whole new Project by clicking on the New Project tab on the left pane and was welcomed by the following window.

copysmith Home Interface

So, just for fun when they asked me to feed in the URL of a website which they would scrape for me, what better option than the product itself I am here to review.

And hence, I copy and pasted the official Copysmith URL and clicked on Get Data to generate the following data as you can see from the screenshot below.

copysmith Home Interface

Basically, what the Scrape URL feature does is that if there is a website out there, they will simply scrape it for their Meta-data and fill in the Description box with it.

Then I just filled in the Audience Bank box with three audience options like writer, copywriter and freelancers and clicked on the Create button to create my very first project in Copysmith.

Once my Copysmith Project folder was generated. Next, I clicked on the Create a New File option in order to create my first work as shown below.

copysmith Home Interface

As you can see above, I filled in the File Name as Copysmith and gave the File Location under the Copysmith Project. 

Now, this is what I personally liked about the tool interface here, is that whenever I choose a File Template from the different options made available to me.

To the right it actually displays a Sample Output to visualize and understand how the generated content would actually look like. And even though these are pre-default Sample Outputs. It is actually quite helpful for users, especially when they are using the tool for the very first time. 

copysmith Smart Editor

Here, I tried out the Free-form Smart Editor template as I wanted to see how good Copysmith performs when it has to generate a long blog by itself. 

copysmith editor

My apologies. I guess I presumed wrong and thought that Copysmith will on its own generate an article for me from the get go.

It is actually understandable, since it didn’t ask me about any other details but just the name of the topic and which template I would like to choose from. So, no complaints there. 

However, let us see what happens when I actually feed in some data and then try to work my way around it. 

copysmith editor

In the above screenshot basically I have copy pasted what I myself have been writing about Copysmith from the very beginning and then started selecting the text which I wanted to edit and generate. 

But, alas! Once again the responsiveness of the interface is something which caused an issue. 

For my HP EliteBook which is a typical 11.6 inches wide, I once again cannot view the Character limit to the right. For which I just have to assume that the character limit would be something between 1200 and 1300.

Anyways, coming back to the performance of the tool to generate long form content. I have uploaded the screenshots of the samples generated at the very end of the article so that you can view the generated content and have your own opinion on the quality of content generated. 

Given the fact that the long form template is a Beta version and still under development, the content it managed to generate was not so bad for me even though I was expecting a bit more.

I also tried out the other templates listed by Copysmith like Blog Ideas, Blog Outline and Product Ad descriptions to see whether the tool could actually generate quality content it claims to be able to generate. 

My Findings:

Well, for each template I tried out, Copysmith was able to provide me with quite a wide number of options to choose from and generate my content.

For new writers, having so many options generated in front of you can greatly help you get past the Writer’s block dilemma that every writer, new or old comes across from time to time. 

Even for marketers and people looking forward to promoting their products online. The ads template gives its users some quite useful added features like Tone selection, as well as what keywords you would like to use for SEO and which you would want to avoid. 

copysmith Ad writing

A simple sample out of the many Copysmith generated for me when I wanted it to generate a Facebook ad for itself. 

Thus, if you are a business trying to run quality ad campaigns, Copysmith could possibly be a better option than having to hire writers to do the job for you. Only, if your writer’s expense is more than what Copysmith is offering for that same price or lower.

5. Account Section

Copysmith’s account section like any other tool or website account section consist of basic info like your username, email ID, subscribed plans and so on.

Pretty straight forward and self explanatory once you check it out, so there is nothing much for me to talk about there. 

6. Copysmith – Bulk Copy generation feature Section

Being able to generate multiple copies of content on a single go is not less than a boon from heaven for writers and marketers if you ask me.

Moreover, if the generated results are top quality, then there is just nothing else one could ask for further. 

Fortunately however, the Copysmith AI writing tool we have with us today also offers Bulk Copy Generation service to its users. Something, which to be honest most AI tools out there still lag. 

Looking into how the Bulk Copy Generation performs when there is a need to generate content in bulk. I should say Copysmith did a pretty good job and didn’t disappoint me at all.

To get a better understanding and look into its performance from your very own perspective, let me show you what I tried to generate.

When you first head to the Bulk Copy generation section, to the right is where everything has been well explained as well as where you will need to upload your CSV file consisting of the various parameters needed to generate your desired bulk content samples. 

Something like the one shown below.

CSV file to Copysmith

The above topic was for an Ad Headline, so respectively I was asked to fill up the above fields as can be seen from the screenshot above.

And once I was done with it, all I had to do was simply upload the same CSV file to Copysmith and click on the Generate multiple samples of Ad Headlines which would go with the product at hand. 

For the above example, Copysmith generated the following samples:

  • “Need Content?”
  • “9 out of 10 professional marketing agencies use only quality content”
  • “More than a writer”
  • “AI writing service for copywriters to generate more content”
  • “You can communicate with your audience easily with our AI writer”
  • “Smartly written content for your business”
  • “Freelance writers can now start generating quality content using our AI writer service”
  • “Create better quality content with just copy, paste and a press of a button”
  • “You no longer need to be a copywriter to be a copywriter”
  • “Write more with less effort”
  • “Hello, I’m Copysmith. Write with me now”
  • “A smart AI writing service that generates high-quality content at scale”
  • “Creativity has no limits”
  • “Solve your content crisis”
  • “The Best Content Writing Service Provider”

Now, it is quite obvious that when you look at the generated samples above, rarely would you like all the samples generated.

Out of all, maybe three or four would stand out to your eyes and the rest might just seem redundant or even useless.

But, that is actually the very beauty of Bulk Generation, i.e. to provide you with multiple options to choose from and apply the finest. 

I have also tried some other templates along with some other topics. And personally found the results quite satisfactory. 

7. Copysmith – Integration feature

Till date, the major platforms with which you can integrate Copysmith are as follows:

  • Chrome Extension
  • Shopify
  • Google Ads
  • Frase
  • Zapier
  • Google Docs
  • Microsoft Word
  • WooCommerce

Hence, depending upon whichever platform you want to integrate Copysmith and work is all up to you to try out on your own. 

From my end, I have only tried integrating it with Chrome Extension, Microsoft Word and Google Docs and it worked out pretty well for me. However, I did come across a little lag here and there from time to time, which I believe once the developer team notices will be taken care of in an instant.  

8. Copysmith – 60+ Language options

Well, this for the most part is there. I haven’t tried generating content in any of the languages on my own as my first language has always been English and I am not very familiar with any others. 

From Chinese to Hindi to Spanish to Russian, Copysmith comprises mainly all major languages out there.

However, if there is a language you are comfortable in and somehow Copysmith does not have it till date.

Then you can also contact them to add your desired language and they will look into it, as mentioned in their official page.

However, if you are someone who has used or is planning to use Copysmith to generate content in their preferred language as provided by Copysmith.

Then it would be much appreciated if you could share with us your experience in the article’s comment section itself so that we could add your experience to our blog for other readers as well. Thank You!

9. Plagiarism Check Feature

The Plagiarism Check feature as expected passed with flying colors. It not only detects the uniqueness of your written content but also provides you with the website or source it doubts the content has been copied from or matches greatly. 

However, on the downside, the trial version only lets you check for plagiarism upto 200 characters on a single go with only 5 tries available. 

Similarly, as mentioned in the very beginning, the number of plagiarism checks you will get for each plan depends on which plan you have opted for.

If you have opted for the Starter plan then it is going to be only 20 checks/month. Then there is the Professional plan that allows 50 checks and the Team plan that lets you go for 500 checks/month. 

FAQS | Frequently Asked Questions

How to use Copysmith? (Getting Started)

How does Copysmith work?

Copysmith, like any other AI writing tools out there, works primarily on the most conventional Artificial Intelligence principle, where one needs to train the machine in order to generate more preferable results out of the many.  

The entire process in which an AI writing tool works under AI principles would be very lengthy and will need an entire blog on its own.

So, if you are interested further to know about what goes on behind the scenes, feel free to refer to the following blog on, “How artificial Intelligence works?

Who can use Copysmith and who is it for?

Copysmith is ideal for anyone who is looking forward to creating quality content without having to go through the ordeal of a writer’s block.

Be it a professional writer, copywriter, ad creator or simply someone who is trying to create his or her very own website, Copysmith makes writing good and quality content quite easy. 

Even if it does not create or generate an entire blog for you right from the very start. It does, however, guide you with enough resources, so that you can write up quality content on your own without having to depend upon.

However, given that AI writing is still in its earlier phases and has not come so far, depending on too much is also not very feasible.

Hence, it is always advised to use such AI tools for only small works and not rely on it too much for creating large contents. At Least for the time being, till it has been perfected. 


Overall, after having used and analyzed the Copysmith AI writing tool, I personally was not at all disappointed with the type of content it had generated.

User Interface wise, I do have a few issues with it since I could not scroll down or even see the complete screen on my PC from time to time. Something I do believe if taken care of should make the tool even better. 

You can visit here for more Software & Application Review.

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