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Anybody who does not know about Cryptocurrency in today’s time is surely living under a rock.

Crypto has become one of the most important parts of the investment portfolio for people who are serious about investments and make sure that a part of their paycheck always goes towards their investment account.

However, crypto is a new age concept and it is hard to manage everything without any outside help. 

There are many platforms in the market that help you not only invest in crypto but also provide you with the necessary knowledge required to understand the tricky concept. is one such helpful platform trusted by many users. It is an inconvenience, to say the least when you are looking at your investment portfolio and trying to make a new strategy and you suddenly see an error.

In this article, we will discuss how to fix error code 403. We will also take a look at what this error signifies and what contributes to the error before we discuss the fixes.

So, let us invest in the article to make the investments easier on

What Does error 403 Means?

As you might have noticed often, when you reach a webpage that is not available, you will notice an error code 404 with the description that the webpage was not found. 

Well, error 403 is something similar only it indicates that you do not have permission to open the page that you are trying to reach.

If you encounter this error while using, it means that you have landed on a resource that you are not allowed to access.

Cryptocurrency deals with money and there are various security measures in place to keep everything secure.

All the platforms that help you invest in crypto are very serious about their protocols hence, you will see many pages that are not accessible to you for security reasons.

In rare cases, there also might be some glitch that can cause this error to appear. We will discuss all the causes in the next section.

Why are you encountering error 403 on

Many different reasons can be behind the error 403 flashes on We will discuss each one in detail and then we will look for the possible fixes so that you can get the best out of the platform.

Here are some reasons that may be a contributing factor to the error.

  • The traffic on the site is unusually high.
  • The site is undergoing maintenance and is temporarily shut
  • The webpage is glitching
  • The address to the page you are trying to visit is wrong
  • The page you are trying to visit is secured
  • The cache on your browser is interfering with the changed links.

How To Fix error code 403?

In this section, we will discuss in detail all the issues that we have mentioned above as well as what can be the fixes for these. 

Fix 1: The traffic on the site is unusually high

Since the technology as well as the software that is being used in the sector are always new and evolving, the site can generally crash due to a high number of visitors.

If the traffic on the site is more than it can handle, the servers crash and you will see all sorts of errors on the site.

To keep the site secure, in such cases many pages become inaccessible to prevent any data loss.

What you can do in this situation is to wait for the technical team at to figure this out and repair the server. Usually, when the site crashes, traffic leaves and the server functions well after some time. 

There is no direct solution that you can employ in this case because the error is on the server side.

Fix 2: The site is under maintenance

As we have mentioned before, the site and the concept are new. The concept is evolving every day and new updates are needed.

Sometimes, when maintenance functions are in full swing, there is a risk of vulnerable information being exposed.

In such cases, the server makes certain pages unavailable during the maintenance period. This can cause the error 403 to pop up when you are trying to visit certain barred pages.

In this case, once again, there is nothing you can do except wait for the maintenance to get over, and the page will return to full functionality.

Fix 3: The webpage is glitching

When you are on your browser for too long, sometimes, you will notice that there are many glitches on the device. 

The web pages that you are visiting might also slow down and in some cases, you will also notice errors.

In such cases, you can refresh the webpage and the page comes back to normal. You can also clear the memory of the device that you are using so that there is much more memory available for vital processes.

Fix 4: Wrong address

In many cases, when you try to reach a page that you manually type the address for, the address you put in may have some discrepancies.

These discrepancies will not let the browser identify what page you are trying to visit. In such cases, you will see errors like 404 and 403.

Make sure that the address you have typed in the address bar is correct to the last letter.

Fix 5: You are trying to visit a secured page

As we have mentioned many times before in this article, the pages on contain vital information about money and funds.

There is so much information that can not be shared with the common folk and hence, the pages with the information are sealed. These are the pages that even if you reach them through a link, you will be refused entry.

In this case, there is nothing you can do because the secured information on the platform cannot be accessed.

However, if you think that the platform has made a mistake and some of your data is inaccessible, you should contact the support team.

Fix 6: Browser Cache

When this feature was introduced, everyone was just raving about how easy it made for the browser to save frequent information and launch the most used pages without delay.

However, in recent times, we have seen that cache and cookies are more inconvenient than the benefits they seem to provide.

The cache stored on your web browser may sometimes take you to a page that does not exist on the same link anymore. In such cases, you will also witness error code 403. 

To solve this problem, try to clear your cache before you refresh the page.

If the problem gets solved, you know what your culprit was.

Fix 7: Contact support

The platform can be a tricky platform to maneuver. Hence, they have great support helplines in place.

If you feel that you cannot access some vital data, you should always contact the support helpline for the platform.

They frequently deal with the problems on the platform and therefore know their way around the common problems. This can be your best bet when nothing works.


The error code 403 on in most cases signifies that the page you are trying to visit, is secured and you do not have permission to access it.

There may be other factors too that we have mentioned above. We have also mentioned the tried and tested solutions as workarounds to the error.

We hope that the article was helpful and you were able to get the issue resolved. Keep following for more such content.

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