How To Activate Dark Mode For 4chan In Desktop & Mobile Browser?

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Are you looking for a way to enable Dark Mode for 4chan then here is the guide to do so.

4chan is an anonymous English-language imageboard website where users can comment or post images anonymously without sharing their actual identity.

Users can pick from the variety of categories and start exploring the content, or can share their thoughts. 

Dark Mode For 4chan In Desktop & Mobile Browser

4chan Dark Mode In Web Browser

4chan has not any in-built dark mode feature, so you have to use any Dark Mode web extension. You can use the Night Eye Addon which is available for all of the major browsers.

If you do not want to use Night Eye, then you can visit your browser extension store to check any other Dark Mode Extension.

For this guide, we are using Night Eye.

Steps You Need To Follow 

  • Go to your Web Extension store
  • Search for the Night Eye
  • Addon to the browser
  • You are done

4chan Dark Mode In Mobile Browser (Android & IOS)

4chan has not any mobile app, so you have to use your mobile browser to access 4chan. But the problem is any of the browsers except Yandex does not support “browser addons” in mobile.

So in order to use Dark Mode for 4chan in Android & IOS, you have to use the Yandex browser.

Steps You Need To Follow

Install Yandex

  • Go to the apps store
  • Look for Yandex browser
  • Install it

Add Night Eye To Yandex

  • Open Yandex browser
  • Look for Night Eye browser Addon, or visit this link
  • Add on the extension
  • You are done

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