How To Fix Darktide Error Code 3001?

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Darktide Error Code 3001

If you are receiving the error code 3001 with Darktide then in this post we are going to share all of the details we have found over Darktide Error Code 3001.

How To Fix Darktide Error Code 3001?

Users are reporting that they are getting the error code 3001 multiple times a game, and it started appearing recently.

The error comes with the error message “failed to join server”.

The error has already been acknowledged by the developers, and they are already working on the fixes.

To verify our words you can see the screenshot given below.

So if you are having this error then try restarting the game and the device on which you are playing the game.

But if the error persists even after restarting the game and device, then you have to wait for the next update from the developers to completely get rid of the error.

In the meantime please make sure that you don’t have any pending updates for the game. If yes then consider installing the updates and then check for the error.

We will also suggest you report the error to support as your information might help them to investigate the error.

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