How To Fix DayZ error code 24?

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DayZ error code 24

There are so many survival games in the market today and one of the most popular ones on Steam is DayZ.

If you are a fan of zombie-based shows then it is very likely that you are a fan of this game too. 

It is good if you only have to face hardships in the game. It becomes irritating if you encounter difficulties getting into the gameplay.

This situation can arise when the error codes show up in the game. If you are a part of the gaming community online you might have observed the chatter around the different error codes in the game and how to solve them.

In this article, we will discuss the DayZ error code 24. We will mention everything there is to know about the error code including what it means, what are the reasons behind it, and how to fix the error code.

Let’s get you back into the dead zombie world.

What is the error code 24 on DayZ?

 The meaning of the error code is an essential step in understanding the root trouble with the gameplay.

According to the official support and the player experiences, you can deduce the exact meaning of the error code before we battle it out. 

The error code 24 on DayZ has been identified as a problem with the game server connection. 

There can be many reasons behind this and we will discuss that in the next section.

Why are you facing the error code 24 on DayZ?

As we mentioned above, there can be many culprits behind the error code 24 on DayZ. It will make it difficult for you to connect to the game server but why it is happening is an essential part of looking for fixes to this problem.

Here is a list of reasons that have been identified behind the error code 24.

  • The internet connection is weak
  • The device you are using is glitching
  • Your network hardware is outdated
  • The game server is down

There are not many documented reasons for this error code except for the ones that we just discussed in this list.

Let us move forward to the fixes now.

How To Fix DayZ error code 24?

We have established that the error code 24 on the game is a server connection problem. This is not an isolated issue and chances are that many other players are facing the same issue at the same time as you.

We will discuss a few tried and tested solutions here for the error code.

Fix 1: Check your internet connection

The game files are mostly stored on the server in the game DayZ and your progress in the game is also stored on the server.

If you cannot connect to the server, you cannot play. The local files of the game are of no use if there is not a stable server connection to supplement it. 

The internet connection plays a vital part in it. If the connection is weak, you will not be able to connect to the server. 

Don’t be fooled by other apps running fine on the same connection. They might not need a stable speed to run but heavy games like DayZ need the best speed you can provide. You can Google an internet speed meter for free. The speed meter will provide you with accurate logistics on the upload and download speed of your connection.

If you find that the speed of your internet connection is low, contact the internet service provider and switch to a plan with better speed.

Fix 2: The device you are using is glitching

There are various devices that you can use to play the game DayZ. it could be PC, PS4, or even Xbox.

No device is however perfect and there can be glitches in the device that you are using for gameplay.

The easy solution for this is to conduct a power cycle on the device. A good old refresh can solve a lot of problems, especially minor device glitches.

Fix 3: Your network hardware is outdated

People generally neglect their network hardware when it comes to looking for regular firmware updates.

Reasonably so, the devices are stuck on the older versions of firmware and therefore do not function properly. Many people do not even know that their modem and routers can be updated.

Do not make this mistake as this can cost you a stable internet connection causing many connection-related problems like this one.

Regularly check for firmware updates for the router and modem and if you feel like they have a minor glitch, perform a power cycle or factory reset in the case of major issues.

Fix 4: The game servers are down

This is the most likely cause of this issue and also the one that you cannot do anything about.

The game servers at DayZ sometimes go down because of large player volume and sometimes, the server is taken down for maintenance purposes. This affects a large number of players and you will also see this mentioned in the player communities online.

To make sure if the servers are down, Google a down detector website and look for the DayZ serve.

They prepare reports on the basis of user reports and it is usually pretty accurate.

If the server is down, there is nothing you can do except raise a support request and wait.

Fix 5: Contact DayZ Game Support

If none of the options seem to work for you and you feel that this is not a server-side issue, you can contact game support.

They will register your support request and work with you to eliminate the issue. Due to the access to various developer tools, they are better equipped to help you.

You can also raise your queries in the player support communities online so that other users can help you with their experiences.


The error code 24 on DayZ is mostly a server-side error and there is rarely anything you can do.

However, in some cases, the issue does occur on your side and we have mentioned the fixes for everything that ca go wrong on your end.

Hopefully, this brought your dead gameplay back to life.

Happy Hunting!!

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