How To Fix DBD [Dead By Daylight] error code 8028?

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Dead By Daylight Error Code 8028

Dead By Daylight is a very popular game and the error codes that the players face in the game are also really popular.

The horror that are error codes in a game to avid gamers, only gamers can comprehend.

There are several error codes in dead by daylight. In this article, we will discuss the DBD error code 8028.

The error code 8028 in DBD is a connection error that shows up when the database fails to load.

This can occur due to many issues like server problems, game verification problems, DNS configuration failure, and many more.

We will discuss them below with the fixes for the same.

How To Fix DBD [Dead By Daylight] error code 8028?

There are different reasons for the database not loading on Dead By Daylight. The solutions for each of them differ according to the reasons behind them.

Let us discuss them here.

Fix 1: Verify the game

We will start with the solution for this error code that is all the rage on the different player forums these days.

Players have hit a jackpot with the discovery of this solution to the error code 8028 in DBD.

You just have to verify your game. Here is how you can do this.

  • Go to the game library.
  • Find the game DBD
  • Click on the three dots next to it
  • From the options that load next, select Verify Game.

Fix 2: Temporary game glitch

This can happen due to any reason and no one can put a finger on the confirmation issue for this one.

Sometimes, the game just does not load certain aspects and there is all that is to say about it.

In case this happens to you, close the game, refresh your device memory and launch the game again to see if the issue is resolved.

Fix 3: Restart the device

Just like the game, sometimes the device you are playing on, also needs a refresh. In this case, just log out of the game, power cycle the device that you are playing on, and then launch the game again.

Fix 4: The game servers are down

Too many players playing at the same time can cause a game to crash. Sometimes, the game developers also schedule maintenance outages on the server.

In any case, this is a problem that cannot be solved on your end. You can just raise a support request and wait for the game team to solve the issue.

Fix 5: Check your VPN settings

The Virtual Private Network you are using might be a useful tool to safeguard your privacy over the internet but it is also a big obstacle when you are trying to play a game that has security checks in place.

The game could clash with the VPN and you might not be allowed to access the game.

If you have a VPN in active use, disable the VPN and all its related processes before trying again.

Fix 6: Check your anti-virus and Firewall block list

It is good to be safe on the internet and you should always have anti-virus software and a firewall enabled on your device for safety.

However, sometimes this software goes overboard and blocks the programs that are not a  threat.

When the game does not load, check the block list of both software and remove the game from the list if you do find it on the list.

Fix 7: Configure DNS settings

The DNS settings of your device play an important role in helping the server determine your location for a better game experience.

If you have messed up DNS settings, this might lock you out of many programs and platforms on the internet.

Configure your DNS settings and try to load the game again.


The error code 8028 on the game DBD is a connectivity issue that can be triggered by a lot of factors.

We have mentioned the most credible solutions for the same in this article. Hopefully, this improved your gaming experience on Dead by Daylight.

Happy Gaming!!

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