How to Delete a LastPass Account and Permanently Wipe It?

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If you are using LastPass to manage your passwords, you might be aware that the policies on the platform have seen massive changes. Some of which are not beneficial to the users and are leading to the users switching on other platforms.

The major updates in this range are Discontinuing multi-device sync and the introduction of a premium plan that shifts most benefits to the paid users. If for these reasons or the reasons best known to you, you want to Delete the Last Pass account, read on for the steps to the same.

How to Delete a LastPass Account

Things To Note Before Deleting Your Last Pass Account?

  • Last Pass is a password managing application. It carries sensitive data and therefore, it is very important to completely wipe all your data before you delete your account. This step will make sure that your valuable data does not fall into wrong hands after you delete your account.
  • The permanent wiping of the Last Pass account happens automatically when you choose to delete the account. All the saved data including the saved sites, Form filling details, and secure notes are completely wiped out. Therefore, you should take a backup of all the data you want to save before you take the plunge.

How to Delete The Last Pass Account?

  • Open Last Pass by following this link.
  • Log in to your account.
  • Follow this link to proceed with account deletion.
  • Tap on the Delete option
  • A pop-up window appears asking you if you have your master password. Click on Yes
  • Enter the Master Password and click on the Delete Option
  • On the confirmation prompt, click On Yes.
  • In just a matter of seconds, your account will be deleted and all your data will be wiped out.
  • You will also receive an official email from Last Pass informing you of the next steps and confirmation of account deletion.

How to Delete Last Pass Account if you do not have Master Password?

If you do not remember the Master Password to your Last Pass account, you will have to follow a slightly different procedure to delete your account than the one explained above.

  • On your Browser, follow this link
  • Click on the option Delete
  • When Last Pass asks you if you have your Master Password, click No
  • Click on Export Data if you wish to do that before you delete your account.
  • Enter the email id that was registered with your account
  • You will receive an email with the link to delete your account
  • Tap on the option that reads Permanently delete my Last Pass Account.
  • Confirm that you wish to delete your account by clicking on Delete followed by a Yes.
  • Your Last Pass account will be deleted.

FAQs | Frequently Asked Questions

I had a Premium subscription on Last Pass. What happens to it after I delete the account?

Your premium subscription is not immediately canceled after you delete the account. The premium is available for the entire duration of your subscription cycle. If you want to use your premium subscription for the entire duration, you will need to sign-up with the same email address and you can enjoy the premium benefits until the subscription is over.

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