How to delete an Activision account?

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If you are a gaming enthusiast, you have most likely heard of Activision. This is the website where you can access different games, and store information about the game. The website is also good for providing support.

Delete Activision Account

Also if you are on this page, you most likely have an account on Activision and want to get rid of the same. Activision has been in news for all the wrong reasons in recent times.

The lawsuit that was filed against Activision for workplace harassment, gave the company a lot of negative publicity and many people left the platform.

The company also sends a lot of spam emails that can make your mailbox look like a lot of clutter.

But then you can also explore alternatives like unsubscribing from the company mails if you are happy with the platform other than this sole reason.

If you are leaving the gaming platform due to any of the reasons, you can follow the easy steps given below to understand how to delete the Activision account.

Things To Note Before deleting Activision account?

There are certain benefits that you lose whenever you delete any account. Also, the data that you save on the account has to be kept in mind before you take any decision regarding the deletion of an account.

Here is what you should remember when you delete an Activision account.

  • There is no direct way to delete your account on Activision. There are no preset steps that you can follow on the website that can take you to the process of deleting the account.
  • To make sure that your personal information is not of any use to the company, make sure that you change all your account information before you decide to delete the account.
  • The two ways that you can apply for deleting your account are time-consuming and must be ready to devote that time if you really want to erase your account. These two options will be explored down below.

If you have read all the above points carefully, you can proceed to the other sections to understand how to delete your account

How to Delete your Activision Account?

There are only two ways that can help you with this. One of them is sending an email to the company and the other one is through Twitter.

Both of these do not however guarantee the complete wipeout of your account and it will only help you reduce your data and presence record on the platform. 

Here is how you can explore the two options

Method 1: Through Email

  • Log in to the email account that is registered with your Activision account.
  • Click on Compose.
  • The email window opens. 
  • Write an email to the Activision Privacy center.
  • In the email, explain that you wish to delete your account on the platform and ask for assistance on the same.
  • Enter the subject clearly as Request To Delete My Account.
  • Send the email.

Method 2: Through Twitter

  • Log in to your Twitter account
  • Type a tweet explaining that you want to delete your account and the associated data.
  • Also, add a reason that is true and genuine.
  • Enter your username and address associated with the Activision account and attack it with the tweet.
  • You will get a tweet from the company in a while to provide you support.

FAQs | Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an option on the Activision portal to deactivate the account?

No, unfortunately, Activision does not provide an option to delete or deactivate your account on the portal. If you need to close your account, you can only do that through email or Twitter and then the team will get in touch with you to support you through it.

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