How to Delete your Airbnb account?

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Airbnb has made it easier to find cheaper accommodations and personal experiences while travelling. There are many reasons that make this platform a very popular way to book travel accommodation.

Delete Airbnb Account

You do not need to be a hotel owner or run around for permission to lend someone your accommodation to earn some extra money. The travellers benefit by getting to make personal connections with the hosts and the locality and get a more informal exploration of the travel destination.

However, every business also has some negative side to it and there might be some things in the business model that do not hold you on the platform anymore. In this case, if you want to delete your Airbnb account, follow along for the steps.

Thing To Note Before deleting your Airbnb account?

It is always important to take decisions after considering the consequences. These are the things that happen after you delete your account:

  • Your Personal Information on the platform will be deleted and you will not be able to retrieve that information.
  • You need to make a new account in the future if you want to use the platform again.
  • All the confirmed reservations will be cancelled and you will be charged for the cancellation.

How to Delete or Deactivate your Airbnb Account?

The company focuses on user experience, and therefore it is an easy process if you want to get rid of your Airbnb account.
There are two options that you can pursue. You can choose to Deactivate the account or Delete the account.

If you wish to revive your account sometime in the future, you should consider deactivating your account.
However, if you no longer wish to use the platform, also do not see yourself returning in the future, you can choose to delete the account.

How To Deactivate Airbnb account?

You need to visit the website of Airbnb on a web browser and not on the app if you wish to deactivate the account.

  • Log in to your Airbnb account
  • Click on the profile menu and a list appears. Choose Account
  • On the bottom of the page, you will find an option that says Deactivate Account, click on the line below that reads Take Care of that Now
  • Read the warnings listed on the dialog box carefully and then click on Deactivate Account
  • Your account will be deactivated.

How To Delete Airbnb account?

Same as the process of deactivation, you need to log in through the web browser to continue. Do not try the process on the mobile app.

  • Log in to the Airbnb account and locate the Manage your Data page
  • Under the Delete Your Account section, click on the link Request to Delete your Account
  • There will be a list explaining to you the consequences of deleting the account. After you have read through all of them, click on Delete Account
  • Click on Done
  • Airbnb will contact you for further process on the Account deleting process.

FAQ’s | Frequently Asked Questions

What happens to my data after the Account is Deleted?

Airbnb does not retain any of your account data with the exception of the legally required information. Even after the account is deleted, the legal information always remains on the server.

What happens if I forget to cancel my reservations before I delete my account?

The reservations made on the app will be automatically cancelled once the account is deleted and you will be charged cancellation fees for the same.

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