How to Delete your Bing account history?

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Bing is the Search engine solution from Microsoft. Bing stores a lot of data from its users and analyzes the user behaviour from the data collected. 

Officially, Bing says that this data is collected to personalise your search results but all the history that is generated when you conduct searches using the BIng platform is more beneficial to the companies that advertise on Bing.

Delete Bing Account History

This is not just a Bing problem though. The same data is also collected by Google and Facebook. Many more companies do the same. 

However, if you do not want the site to store your search history, you will have to take some special measures because if you think that you can delete the history from the web browser then you are wrong.

You have to specifically delete the history from Bing. Read down below for the steps to do the same.

How To Delete Your Bing Search history?

Microsoft is the parent company to Bing. Therefore, the search history for BIng is stored on your Microsoft account. To delete the history on Bing, you need to visit the Microsoft Privacy centre.

  • Sign in to your Microsoft Account .
  • Navigate to the Privacy Settings.
  • Go to the Privacy Dashboard.
  • Scroll down to find the Search History tab.
  • Click on View and Clear Search History.
  • You will now be relocated to the Activity History tab. You will see your past searches here.
  • If you wish to clear the entire history, click on the Clear Activity button on the top right corner of the page.
  • On the confirmation prompt, click on the Clear Button.
  • Your entire search history will be deleted.

How To Delete something Specific from your Bing History

If you do not want to delete the entire history on Bing, then you can also choose to delete some specific searches that you made.

  • Sign in to the Microsoft Account.
  • Navigate to the Privacy Settings.
  • Go to the Privacy Dashboard and scroll down to find the Search History tab.
  • Click on View and Clear Search history.
  • On the Activity History tab, you will see all of the searches that you have made.
  • Scroll down to find the specific search result that you want to delete.
  • Under the Search result, click on Delete.
  • The particular search result will be deleted from your Bing history.

How to Pause your Bing Search History to Track Your Activity?

If you do not want your search history to be stored on Bing or Microsoft servers anymore, you can choose to pause your search history. This will not store any of the information about your searches on Bing and you will not have to delete your search history again.

There are two ways you can do this.

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Method 1: Private Mode Browsing

Whenever you use Bing for any searches, you can surf in the Private mode. The benefits of using Private mode are that your Search history is not collected by the search engine. This will help you to keep your search history off the Microsoft Bing server.

Method 2: Pause the Search history

You can choose to pause your search history on Bing. This will pause all the search history collected by Bing. 

You can do this by

  • Sign in to your Microsoft account.
  • Navigate to the Privacy Settings and click on Search History.
  • A page opens with the Search History and all the options.
  • On the right side, locate the toggle that says Show New Searches Here.
  • Turn off the toggle.
  • Your search history on Bing will be paused.

FAQs | Frequently Asked Questions

What can I do if I want to Delete the bing history from a year ago?

On Bing, the data is stored very systematically. The search history that you see on the Privacy Dashboard is sorted down by date. You can set the filter to the specific time that you want to search for. If you want to delete the search history from a year ago, you can choose to clear the entire history in one go. You can read the section above where the blog explains how to delete your history on Bing.

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