How To Delete IMDb Account and cancel IMDb Pro membership?

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IMDb is a great place to search for information on movies, programs, and also home videos. You can also opt for a Pro membership of the same to get access to premium benefits. If you are looking to delete your IMDb account and also cancel the Pro membership, here is what you should do.

How to Delete your IMDb account?

You can delete your IMDb account in easy steps without any hassle. The steps are:

  • Login to your IMDb account.
  • Click on your Profile name and a dropdown menu appears as soon as you click.
  • Find Account Settings.
  • Click on the Delete account option under the heading Other.
  • Click on Permanently Delete my Account.

How to cancel your Pro membership on IMDb?

If you do not want to pay for a premium membership on IMDb anymore, follow the steps here to easily cancel your membership.

  • On the web browser of your choice, type and log in.
  • Click on the Cancel Membership option
  • After you click on Continue, A feedback form appears that you need to fill before you cancel your membership.
  • Click on Cancel Membership after the feedback form is complete and submitted
  • The Pro Membership is canceled. You will not be billed anymore.

Consequences Of Deleting Of IMDb Account Or IMDb Pro membership

Deleting the IMDb account

Before deleting your IMDb account, it is important to know that all the data on your account will be deleted. This data includes ratings, user reviews, and the lists that you may have created. Any factual data that was a part of your account, however, remains after you delete the account.

Canceling the IMDb Pro Membership

If you cancel the IMDb Pro membership, there are certain privileges that you will lose that were exclusive to the Pro subscription. To name a few, all the unverified credits on your account will be deleted, the set vanity URL will stop working and all the Guild affiliations and performer profile will be removed from your account.

FAQ’s | Frequently Asked Questions

What happens to the photos I added using my IMDb Pro membership after I cancel it?

All the photos and the reels that were created on your IMDb Pro account will be removed after you decide to cancel your membership to IMDB Pro. before you decide to cancel the membership, it is advised that you keep this point in mind as the account will still be in existence but the pro benefits of adding demo reels and pictures will be gone.

What happens to the ‘Known For’ titles that were added to my profile during the Pro membership?

Like all the other benefits of the Pro membership, the ‘Known for’ titles will be removed from your profile. However, they will not be completely erased but will merge into the IMDb algorithm. They will cease to be associated with your account after you cancel the Pro membership.

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