How to Delete an IMVU account?

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Instant Messaging Virtual Universe was launched as a 3D chat world site. Over time, the app has become infamous for the adult content that it carries. There is also no cap on what language to use.

The Adult content is under restriction for use by Adult audiences only with the purchase of an Access Pass but the regulations are loose and there is no guarantee that the kids on the platform will not come across explicit content.

Delete IMVU Account

The parents who regulate their children in terms of online activity are worried about this app and the accounts created by their kids. Many users have reported that the platform is also unsafe in the terms of identifying who you are talking to. 

The platform sells anonymity to users and it is very hard to understand who you are talking to. When it comes to vulnerable underage audiences, it is a matter of bigger concern as they cannot comprehend the risks of the platform

If you are one of the parents who is looking to delete the accounts their kids created, or you want to delete your account because the platform doesn’t appeal to you anymore, read the steps down below to delete your account on IMVU.

Thing To Note before Deleting IMVU Account

Before you decide to delete your account on IMVU, or any account in general, you need to consider certain points. These are the information about your data and what happens when you delete the account.

Here is what you should remember

  • All your user data will be deleted.
  • All the chats that you had with other users on the platform, will also be deleted.
  • You need to confirm on your email that you want to delete your account, else your account will just be disabled and not completely deleted.

If you have considered all the points that are mentioned above, you can move forward to the next section for steps to delete your account.

How to Delete your IMVU Account?

  • Visit your internet browser and visit the account closing page on IMVU.
  • Log in with your registered email and Password.
  • You will see the Delete Account page.
  • Read all the terms on the page and enter your password.
  • Click on Continue.
  • You will receive a confirmation mail from IMVU that your account is deleted.

The process of deleting the account is easy but you need to make sure that you confirm it through the email that you receive.

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That’s it your account is deleted.

FAQs | Frequently Asked Questions

How can you restore your IMVU deleted account?

It is an easy process to reactivate your account. When you submit the request to delete your account, you receive a confirmation email on your registered email id. The mail reads that your account has been deleted. With this mail, you also get a link with which you can restore your account. The only condition is that you need to have access to the email address that you used to sign up on the platform.

Can I deactivate my account instead of deleting it?

IMVU only gives you the option to delete your account but you can choose to restore the account anytime you like from the link that you receive on your mail id when you delete the account.

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