How to delete a MailChimp account & Mailchimp Subscription?

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If you have a business that you are actively marketing on a digital platform, it is highly likely that you have heard of the platform MailChimp.

It is also likely that you might have made an account on MailChimp to aid with your email marketing. MailChimp is one of the older players in the email marketing space but as the space is growing, many more options are competing with the platform.

How To Delete MailChimp Account & Mailchimp Subscription

If you feel like you want to try some new options for your email marketing, and you are thinking of ending your subscription or getting rid of your account completely, then below you can find the steps to delete a MailChimp account & Mailchimp Subscription?

Things To Note before deleting MailChimp account?

There are some important points to remember before you delete the account.

  • The account data related to your campaigns, reports, and audiences will be deleted.
  • If you have purchased a monthly subscription for MailChimp, then deleting your account does not mean that your subscription will be canceled. You will still be charged for any pending amounts on your account.

If you are ready for all the data loss on your account, then you can follow the steps down below to delete your account.
However, make sure that you cancel any subscriptions on your account before you delete the account to make sure that you are not charged even after you have deleted the account.

How to Delete MailChimp account?

  • Follow the link and log in to your MailChimp account
  • Scroll down at the bottom of the page to see the profile icon.
  • Click on the Profile icon
  • Click on Account
  • On the Account page, click on Settings.
  • On the dropdown menu that appears, click on Pause or Delete Account
  • Click on the option Permanently Delete My Account
  • You will see a survey with a list of reasons for you deleting your account. You can choose to fill it or ignore it.
  • Scroll to the end of the page.
  • Enter your email id and password
  • Click on Permanently Delete Account
  • A popup appears. This is a confirmation prompt. Type Delete and click on Delete your Account

How to Cancel MailChimp Subscriptions?

When you delete your account on MailChimp, your monthly subscription from the next billing cycle is canceled. You will be charged for the existing plan that you have already paid for.

If you want to ask for a refund, you can do so by following this link and submitting your request within 30 days of purchase.

The refunds are issued without any requirements for reasons from your side as long as you submit your request within 30 days.

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