How to delete Your Patreon account & Cancel Memberships?

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Patreon is a great platform to get paid for the stuff that you are the creator for. You get exclusive benefits like bonus content, merchandise, exclusive access, and Patron recognition if you decide to pay for a membership.

However, for some reason, if you are looking forward to deleting your Patreon account and cancelling memberships, you can find the process below.

Thing To Keep In Mind Before Deleting Patreon account

Before you delete your Patreon account, there are some points that you should consider and keep in mind.

  • All the data on your Patreon account will be deleted and it is irreversible
  • Deleting your Patreon account does not mean that your outstanding payments will be cancelled. You will still be billed for the outstanding amount on your account.
  • It will take up to 30 days in the process of deleting your account.

Thing To Keep In Mind Before Deleting Patreon Membership

  • If you just want to delete the membership, consider cancelling active memberships
  • If you do not wish to receive emails from the Patreon team, Unsubscribe to the emails.
  • If you just want to identify as a patron and want to cancel the creator status, you can choose to unlaunch your creator page.

How to Delete Patreon Account?

  • Go to the Privacy Policy center.
  • Find and tap on the Take Control button.
  • Tap Erase once the options prompts.
  • Log in to your account with proper credentials if not already logged in.
  • Click on the Allow button to allow the data deletion partner of Patreon, Transcend to view your Patreon account.
  • A confirmation window will appear. Click on Confirm 
  • Respond to any follow-up emails you get from Patreon over the next 30 day period.

How to cancel your Patreon Membership?

On Desktop:

  • Login to your account.
  • Click on the Profile Avatar.
  • Go to Manage Memberships.
  • Next to your membership, click on the Edit button.
  • Scroll down to find and tap the option named Edit or Cancel Payment. You will find this directly under the Update button.
  • Then Tap Cancel your Membership.

On the Patreon App:

  • Go to the Account Icon.
  • Click on Profile name.
  • Click on the Membership name. You will find a pencil icon next to the name of the membership. Click on the pencil icon
  • Scroll down to find the option of Edit or Cancel Payment
  • Cancel the Membership.

What are the consequences of cancelling Patreon membership?

Consequences of cancelling the membership depend on the billing setup that was in place for your membership.

  • For the Charge Upfront membership: The auto-renewal of your membership will stop immediately. You will not get any refunds for the payments already made but you can keep the access till the billing cycle ends. If you decide to revive the membership, the remaining amount will be credited to the next billing cycle.
  • Monthly Membership: This ends as soon as you cancel the membership. If you have some outstanding amount that you have not paid for, you will still be charged after the cancellation of the membership.
  • Annual Membership: You will have access for the remaining year that you paid for but you will not be charged for the next year. No refunds can be issued in this case either.
  • Per Creation membership: You will only be charged for the outstanding bills on your account. You can check this on your Billing history.

FAQ’s | Frequently Asked Questions

What if I decide I want to receive my account after I have deleted the account?

You can take upto 14 days to change your mind about the account deletion. In case you decide that you want to revive the account, you can log back in and your account will be revived. The process of deleting your account completely takes around 30 days but you have only 14 days to change your mind after the process has started.

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