How to Delete Pottermore / Wizarding World Account?

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In 2019, the Pottermore site transitioned into WizardingWorld. You can still use your Pottermore account on WizrdingWorld. However, the relevance of the platform has rapidly declined and users find it unnecessary to spend too much money on it.

Considering that a single entry ticket costs $10. If you too want to leave the platform and shut the account, follow the steps down below to do that easily.

How To Delete Pottermore / Wizarding World Account

How to Delete Pottermore / Wizarding World Account?

Deleting a Pottermore or Wizarding world account is a super easy process and does not take more than two minutes, and here is how you can do it.

  • Go to the official Wizarding World website.
  • If you used a Pottermore account, create a new account on the WizardingWorld website using the same account.
  • Navigate to the Settings for the Account.
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page to see an option labeled Delete Your Account.
  • Click on Delete your account.
  • Enter the password when prompted.
  • Enter the password again in the confirmation tab to confirm.
  • Your Account will be up for deletion.

FAQs | Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use the same email to create a new account after I delete the previous one?

No, you cannot use the same email to create a new account, however, if you want you can recreate your old account from scratch on the same mail id.

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