How to delete your Seeking Arrangements account?

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Another dating site that is haywire on the moral compass according to most of the audience is Seeking Arrangements. Many are not a fan of the platform that connects Sugar Daddies/Mommies to Sugar Babies.

How To Delete Your Seeking Arrangements Account?

The relationship arrangement is taboo in the form that the relationship is not romantic. The atmosphere of romance is created in exchange for gifts and money. You can put this as a solicitation of romance where everything comes at a price. 

There is no shortage of people who want to use this platform because people do not admit to things in daylight but do not miss the opportunity in the dark.

The membership for the platform is not cheap as it has a target audience that is quite rich. The fee for sugar babies is $20 per month while it is $90 per month for sugar daddies and mommies. 

The platform has also had its fair share of controversies due to which it lost some of its user bases.

If you are one of the members on Seeking Arrangements who has had their share of enjoyment on the site or you just opened an account for experimentation, you can follow the steps down below to delete your account from Seeking Arrangements.

Things To Note Before Deleting Seeking Arrangements Account

Before you delete your account on Seeking Arrangements, you need to keep in mind certain points.

These are important points about what happens to your personal information, subscriptions, etc on the platform when you delete your account.

Here is what you should remember.

  • Your profile will not be visible to the people who search for it. This is applicable even when you just deactivate your account.
  • All the data on the account that is for your use will be deleted.
  • The company will retain some of your personal information to collect the fees that are due and to prevent fraud. This data cannot be deleted by you.
  • You will not receive any messages from the present or future matches on your account
  • You will not get a refund for the subscription that you have already paid for. So make sure that you have used your membership benefits before you decide to delete your account

If you have read all the points above, and you feel that you are ready to delete the account, read our next section for the steps to delete your account.

How to Delete Your Seeking Arrangements Account?

You cannot delete the account on the Seeking Arrangements mobile application. If you wish to go ahead with the deletion, you need to go to the website and do it on a computer.

  • Open the Seeking Arrangements official website
  • Log in to your account with the correct credentials
  • On the top left corner of your screen, click on the dropdown menu that you see
  • Click on Settings
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page to click on Deactivate Account
  • You will be asked to choose a reason why you want to deactivate your account. Choose the reason that you find most suitable.
  • Click on Deactivate Now
  • The account will be permanently deleted with your data. Except for the data that the company retains for legal purposes.

How To Temporarily Hide Your Seeking Arrangements Account?

If you are not sure that you want to take a drastic step like deleting the account altogether, you can choose to disable/hide your account instead.

In this case, you will have the benefit of coming back whenever you want to. 

Here is how you can go about hiding your account.

  • Follow the link on your preferred web browser to open the official website for Seeking Arrangements
  • Log in to your account with the correct credentials
  • On the top left corner of the screen, you will be able to locate a dropdown menu.
  • Click on the Dropdown menu
  • Click on Settings
  • Click on the option named Hidden. You will see this option right next to the Search and Dashboard option.
  • Your Profile will be hidden and you can choose to come back and unhide the profile at your own time.

FAQs | Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to recover Seeking Arrangements account after deleting it?

You cannot get back into an account that you delete on Seeking Arrangements. The deleting of your account on the platform is permanent and if you want to come back on the platform in the future, you will need to create a new account from scratch. This is why it is advised that while you are deleting your account, you should be absolutely sure of your decision.

I deleted my account on Seeking Arrangements but their mails are still spamming my inbox. How can I get rid of them?

The emails that you are getting on your mail id after deleting your account can be stopped with a simple fix. You can choose to unsubscribe from the mailing list on Seeking Arrangements. Click on any mail received from Seeking Arrangements and find the unsubscribe option on the mail. Click on Unsubscribe and you will stop receiving emails from Seeking Arrangements.

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