How To Delete Stations in Pandora?

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Do you use Pandora to listen to music? Then you must be aware of the radio stations that Pandora creates for you, popularly known as stations. You can select if you like a station by thumbs up and vice versa for the stations you do not like.

If you really dislike a station on Pandora and do not want to see it again in your collection, follow the steps down below to delete the particular station on Pandora.

How To Delete Stations In Pandora

How to Delete a Station on Pandora?

There are different steps you need to follow to delete a station from Pandora collection depending on what device you are using.

Method 1: From Their Website

  • Click on My Collection
  • You will see the Album art for the Station that you want to delete. Hover over it
  • Click the three dots icon (…) that you see. 
  • Click on Remove From Your Collection

Method 2: From Their Android App

  • Navigate to the option of My Collection
  • Long press on the station that you want to get rid of
  • If you have not subscribed to Pandora or are using Pandora Plus, click on Delete
  • If you are a Pandora Premium Subscriber, click on Collect and then click on Delete

Method 3: From Their iOS App

  • Go to My Collection
  • If you have not subscribed to Pandora or you are subscribed to Pandora plus, swipe the station that you want to Delete to the left. Click on Delete.
  • If you are a Pandora Premium user, long press on the station that you want to delete, click on the Collected checkmark. Click Delete when prompted.

How to make sure that the Deleted Station does not return?

It sometimes happens that when you delete a station from your computer, it seems to come back again. For this, you need to make sure of some settings on Pandora.

  • Make sure that the bookmark that you are using for Pandora is the correct one.
  • It should look something like this:
  • It should not look like this:
  • If it looks like the second option, erase the bookmark.
  • Update the bookmark.
  • Load Pandora again to see if the station is deleted from the list.

FAQs | Frequently Asked Questions

How To Recover Deleted Pandora Station?

Using the same artist or song that you used before, create a new station. It will bring back the deleted station with all the songs that you marked with a thumbs up. It is an easy process and the station will be recreated without the loss of any songs from the station.

How do I create a Fresh version of the same station I deleted with Fresh song choices?

If you are not satisfied with the Pandora creation of the Artist you selected, you can create a new station using the songs that you like from the artist. The choices made this way, will be more filtered and you will feel more in control of the song selection on Pandora. You can also use the editing options provided by Pandora to manually filter out the content you do not want.

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