How To Fix Depop OAuth2 Error?

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Depop OAuth2 Error

If you are a fan of online shopping, you might have Depop installed on your phone. This person-to-person model of e-commerce has gained popularity in the market in a very small amount of time.

People are obsessed with the platform and some of them also use the app so that they can access the platform anytime they want to. However, everything is not as shiny and smooth as it seems as the users are facing some error codes on the platform.

In this article, we will discuss how to fix the Depop OAuth2 error. 

This issue shows up when there is an issue related to logging into your account on the platform. Usually, this happens when you switch to a new account but it can show up in other circumstances too. 

Let’s discuss the different possibilities of this error code showing up and how to eliminate them using the right approach in the next section.

How to solve the OAuth2 error on Depop?

On Depop, the audience is really fast-paced and this is why the error codes on the platform are more annoying to the users.

The OAuth2 error on Depop is a login error on the platform that generally shows up when you try to switch to a new account on the platform. However, there can be other reasons for it too. 

Let’s discuss the solutions to the issue.

Fix 1: Temporary glitch on the app

The Depop app generally is flawless and this is why it is popular with the users but there are some issues on the app that can cause the app to temporarily glitch without a reason at times. 

These temporary glitches on the app are not a cause for concern and can be solved easily through a restart. When you restart the app, it forces the processes of the app to refresh and all the issues causing the temporary glitch on the app are also eliminated. 

Try restarting the app and refreshing the device when you first encounter this error code.

Fix 2: You are using many accounts at the same time

Due to the format of the platform, many users have more than one account on the platform. While you might think of it as a convenience when you make multiple accounts, this might be the issue with the app when you face the error code OAuth2.

Many different accounts on the same device can cause authorization issues with the platform. 

If there are too many accounts logged in on your device, log out of all the accounts, refresh the app, and then try the account that you want to log in with.

This might solve the authentication confusion on the app and you might be able to log in.

Fix 3: The app is not updated

The app version that you are using is not updated. This can cause the app version on your device to become incompatible with the version of the app on the server.

The latest updates on the app are meant to introduce new developments to the users and also eliminate any issues that were present in the previous version of the app. 

If you miss these important updates on the app, you not only miss the new developments but you will also have to face the errors that are already solved in the new version. 

The login issues on the app can also be because of the app incompatibility issue.

Fix 4: Check the credentials that you are entering

The credentials that you are entering for the account might be wrong. It is very easy to get the credentials messed up. Especially when you are using multiple accounts on the same platform it becomes even easier to bungle up the passwords.

When you face a login issue, make sure that you are entering the correct credentials for the account that you have chosen.

Fix 5: Your account has been banned

There are many community guidelines in place on the Depop platform. This is because there are interactions involved on the platform some of which also convert into monetary transactions.

This makes it very important for the platform to secure the interactions on the platform through community guidelines. If your account has been found to be violating the community guidelines, the account can get blocked. 

If your account is blocked from the platform, generally you will receive a warning for the same but in some cases, you might miss out on the warning and be subjected to the ban firsthand. You will need to contact the support team on the platform to help you with the information on any bans that your account might be facing.

Fix 6: Use a different device to log in

There can be a device-specific issue causing login problems on the platform. This can be due to the device’s memory being clouded. This can also be because the device’s IP address is blocked due to using too many accounts on the platform.

In this case, you will need to switch the device and try to log in again. If you are able to log in through the other device, it is for sure confirmed that the issue was with the previous device.

Fix 7: Check the Depop server

The Depop server regularly schedules maintenance for the platform and during the maintenance, many features of the platform are unavailable.

You can check the maintenance schedule for the platform to see if the server is down deliberately at a given time.

There can also be server crashes on the platform due to user volume overload issues. You can check the status of the unprecedented server crashes on the platform through the down detector websites online for free. 

If the server is down, sit back and wait for the developers to solve the issue as it is not in your hand.

To conclude

The error code OAuth2 on Depop is an issue with the account authorization on the platform. We have mentioned the solutions that can help you log into your account by getting rid of the error code.

We hope that this was a helpful resource for you. Keep following for more technical and gaming advice. 

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