How To fix Destiny 2 Error Code Arugula?

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As per the information shared by the developers, the error code Arugula with Destiny 2 is related to a networking issue. In simple words, most of the time the reason behind the error is your internet or there is some connection issue with Destiny 2 servers.

Actually, Destiny 2 needed a permanent connection to Bungie’s servers and due to Destiny 2’s permanent connection to Bungie’s servers, various issues may arise and lead to error codes.

If you are currently having this error then below we have shared all the information regarding this error which may help you deal with this error.

Destiny 2 Error Code Aruhula

How To Fix Destiny 2 Error Code Arugula?

Fix 1: Check For Internet Issues

Bungie has clearly mentioned that this is a general networking issue so we will advise you to first make sure that your internet is working perfectly or not.

  • Simply restart your router and check if the error persists. Along with the router also restart the device on which you are playing the game.
  • If you are using a wireless connection then you can also try connecting your device with an Ethernet cable.

Fix 2: Connect To A Different Internet

If the error still persists then try connecting with a different internet connection. If you have another wifi connection then try connecting with that.

But not all people have more than one Wifi connection around them, in that case, we will suggest you to connect over a mobile hotspot connection.

  • If connecting to a different internet fixes the issue then contact your ISP to report the issue.
  • If the error still persists on the other internet then this is clearly not your internet behind the error.

Fix 3: Try Other Workarounds

  • If you still have the error then you can try the network troubleshooting steps given in this official guide.
  • If you have tried all the networking related troubleshoots but still have the error then as a last workaround you can try fully uninstalling the game and then reinstalling it. We can’t confirm whether this will resolve the error or not, but you can perform it to try your luck.
  • If nothing is helping in resolving the error then get in touch with the game support for additional help.

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