How To Fix Destiny 2 Error Code Marionberry?

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Destiny 2 Error Code Marionberr

Destiny 2 Error Code Marionberry occurs due to the incorrect Network setup or issues related to your Network. If you are one of the users of Destiny 2 and facing an Error code Marionberry then stick to this Article for best fixes.

Possible Reasons For Destiny 2 Error Code Marionberry

We have already discussed that Error code marionberry occurs due to Network setup, but here we will look at all possible reasons for better probing and troubleshoots.

  • You might be facing some issues with your Internet connectivity.
  • Parental control settings may have changed automatically or mistakenly on your home network or on your gaming console.
  • You have any pending updates for the game.
  • Any of your console hardware is damaged.

How To Fix Destiny 2 Error Code Marionberry?

Fix 1: power cycle your modem or router

  • Unplug the power cable of all your networking hardware from the wall outlet, be it Modem or Router.
  • Now wait for 1 minute and let it rest to give it a fresh start.
  • Now plug in back the power cable of all your networking devices and turn it on.
  • Turn on your console and let it boot up properly.
  • Then launch the Destiny 2 game.
  • Now check if everything is working fine or not.

​​Fix 2: Adjust Parental Control Settings:

  • Log in to your router’s administrative console using a browser on your computer.
  • Now go to the Access Restriction Page/Parental control page. You can locate it on the Firewall page
  • Here look carefully for the section “Website blocking by URL Address, or website Filtering”.
  • Now check if Destiny 2 is blocked.

Fix 3: Check Parental Control Settings On Your Console:

Whichever device you are using, Playstation or Xbox make sure to check the parental control settings on your console. As you may get this error because of it.

  • Go to the settings of your console.
  • In settings select Parental control/Family management.
  • Now you can select the restrictions.
  • Enter your passcode here, the default passcode is 0000.
  • Now carefully check all of the settings.

Fix 4: Check Update For Your Console And destiny 2

Outdated Software updates sometimes stop the game or come with an error code.

Check if Destiny 2 or your console has any pending updates. If you find any pending update, install it right there. And once the update is installed check if the error has gone or not.

Fix 5: Contact destiny 2 Support

If you have tried everything but still getting the error code then contact destiny 2 support, or report the issue in the official forum.

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