How To Fix DirecTV code 614?

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DirecTV Code 614

A satellite service that can also provide you with access to major subscription-based channels sounds like a win-win deal.

This is exactly why DirecTV is so popular among users. 

However, there are some issues that ruin the vibe. These issues are consistent with the TV and therefore, the service has coded them as common error codes.

This coding helps users to identify what is wrong with the service and how it can be solved.

In this article, let’s discuss how to fix DirecTV code 614.

The error code 614 means that the connection that is required for video streaming between the Wireless Video bridge and the Genie client. The Wireless video bridge will also be referred to as the Main Genie Reciever. So, do not get confused.

There are many explanations for the error code and those will lead us to the solutions for the issue.

Let’s discuss that in the next section where we discuss the solutions.

How to solve the error code 614 on DirecTV?

The error code 614 on DirecTV signals the broken connection between the Main genie receiver(The Wireless Video Bridge) and the Genie client.

How this exactly happens under what circumstances is important to understand for solving the error code.

Fix 1: Check the wirings 

Since there is a fair amount of wiring involved in the setup of DirecTV, the wires need to be connected in a fashion that the attachment is secure and no loose ends are available.

When you see this error code, check the wires on the box to the power outlet as well as the other connected devices.

Also, check for bends or breakage in the wires. Immediately replace broken wires if any and also install cable cord protectors to avoid this in the future.

Fix 2: Power cycle the mini genie receptor

The Mini genie receptor can stop responding and go into a freeze response. This can be taken care of by restarting the genie receptor.

This is also called power cycling. This will allow the system to refresh and the minor glitches on the mini genie will be eliminated.

Fix 3: Factory reset the mini genie

The mini genie can also benefit from a full factory reset procedure. This can be done when simple power cycling of the device does not help.

However, factory reset on any device also means that all the things that you have changed or adapted to your preferences on the device will be erased.

If you are okay with resetting the preferences, you can go ahead with the factory reset. There is a dedicated reset button on the mini genie. It is a red button that you can find on the side. 

Press the button and the device will reset.

Fix 4: Reset the HD DVR

The HD DVR might be the one with the issue and it can also be taken care of by trying a power cycle. If the power cycle does not work, the reset option is always available provided that you are ready to profile all your preferences again.

You will find the reset button on the inside of the access card door. Press the red button and the HD DVR will reset.

Fix 5: Contact the support team

If all the above solutions have made no difference in the error code on DirecTV, you can contact their highly efficient support team.

They will help you re-establish a connection between the Wireless video bridge and the genie client to eliminate the error code 614.

To conclude

The error code 614 on DirecTV is a signal for the connection break between the Main genie receiver and the Genie client.

There are several explanations and fixes available for the issue that we have mentioned above.

We hope that this article acted as a useful resource to resume streaming on DirecTV. Keep following for more technical advice.

Happy Streaming!!

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