how to turn off auto caps on apple watch?

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Are you annoyed by the Auto Caps on Apple Watch? If yes then in this post I am going to tell you how to disable the Auto Caps on Apple Watch.

how to turn off auto caps on apple watch

how to turn off auto caps on the apple watch?

As of now, there is no way to turn off Auto Caps on Apple Watch but you can do one thing, if you want to change the typed character to the lower case turn the Digital Crown after the uppercase letter is typed.

Why There Is No Option To Turn Off Auto Caps On Apple Watch?

There is no explanation why there is no option to disable the Auto Caps on the Apple Watch. The decision is upon Apple Watch and whenever they want they will introduce the feature to their Watch.

But you can do one thing, you can submit your feedback to Apple to add this feature to the Apple Watch.

Is There Any Alternative To Deal With Auto Caps Issue On Apple Watch?

In a Reddit thread, one user explained this issue in detail and shared some useful tips.

Here’s how you replicate the problem: open Notes, type aBc, hit backspace twice (so the ‘B’ is deleted), and then type any letter (without holding shift). That letter will come out uppercase. The only way to get a lowercase ‘B’ is to hit backspace three times (to delete the character preceding it as well, in this case ‘a’) and then type ‘ab’.

Here is the original thread.

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