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If you are a discord user, it can be really frustrating when the Discord Screen Share No Audio issue occurs. Many gamers like to share their gameplay through discord screen sharing but most of them play muted due to this issue. If you are facing the issue too, don’t worry this article will solve that problem for you permanently.

Discord Screen Share No Audio Error FIX

Why Does Discord Screen Share No Audio Error Occur?

First of all, I would like to remind you that the screen sharing feature is added by discord into their features list very recently, and so they are prone to having bugs and the team keeps fixing the bugs and a new version is launched regularly, but there are also other reasons due to which Screenshare No audio error is displayed in Discord, we have listed them below.

  • Outdated Audio Drivers: If you have an outdated or corrupted audio driver on your PC, No audio error can occur during the Screen share.
  • Administrative Rights: Discord requires all the permissions from the administrator of PC to run all its features well.
  • Improper Voice Settings: If you had by mistake changed any settings you are not sure about in Voice settings of Discord, it can cause No Audio while screen share in Discord.
  • Streaming on Youtube: If you are trying to stream your screen on youtube or any other similar platform through Discord, we would like you to know that discord doesn’t support streaming on youtube, that’s the reason you get no audio while streaming, you will have to stream your screen using any other application that supports online streaming.
  • Anti-Virus Issue: Some Anti-virus blocks discord screen share due to suspicion and this can cause Discord Screen Share no Audio issue in many cases.

By now, you know why you are getting the Discord Screen share error on your PC, it’s time now to fix the issue and reach your goal for the day. Follow the Solutions given below to solve the issue, don’t forget to comment down which of the solution worked for you.

Fix Discord Screenshare No Audio Issue

As it is not a single problem that can cause this no Audio issue in discord, there is no single solution for the error. Below are the possible and most working solutions to this issue, try all of them until the problem is solved for you.

Solution 1 – Update your Audio Driver

An outdated audio driver is the most probable reason for no audio issue on discord, make sure to have the latest update audio driver installed on your system to make discord screenshare work properly, follow the steps below to update your Audio driver in Windows PC.

Step 1: Open Run command box by pressing “Windows Key + R ” and type “devmgmt.msc” in run and press enter.
Step 2: Expand the “Audio inputs and outputs” option by clicking on it and right-click on the “Sound and hardware” option.
Step 3: Click on “Update Driver” option and wait till the update is complete and restart your PC.
Step 4: Check if the Audio is working on your discord screen share, if not follow the next solutions.

Solution 2 – Update the Discord Application on your PC

Discord is constantly trying to fix the bugs in their application and release the latest updated version regularly, using an outdated version of discord can cause the No Sound error in screenshare. Follow the steps given below to update the Discord app to the latest stable version.

Step 1: Open Run Command Box by pressing “Windows Key + R ” and type “%localappdata%” and press enter.
Step 2: When the “localappdata” folder is opened, get into the “Discord” folder by double-clicking it.
Step 3: Click on “Update.exe” inside the discord folder and wait till the update is complete and a success message is shown.

Solution 3 – Add Discord Activity

Discord Screen Share No Audio error is also displayed when the Discord app running in the background becomes inactive while you are playing the game and so the audio is disturbed, you need to add the activity in your discord game settings to fix this issue, follow the steps given below to add Discord Activity.

Step 1: Open Discord Settings.
Step 2: In the left navigation options click on “Games” option.
Step 3: In the “Game Activity” Tab click on “Add it” button to add a new game in the list, add the game you want to play in the Game Activity.
Step 4: Click the Toggle button Next to the game you added to turn on the Overlay.
Step 5: Restart your PC, and check if the issue is solved now while screen share.

Solution 4 – Reset Voice Settings

If by any chance you mistakenly changes some settings in voice settings of the discord app, it can generate the Screen Share No audio issue in Discord, to solve it you can just simply reset all the Voice settings to default, follow the steps given below to reset the options.

Step 1: Go to Discord Settings.
Step 2: In the “App settings” section, you will find a “Voice & Video” option, click on it to expand the options.
Step 3: At the end of voice & video options, you will see “Reset Voice settings” button, click on it and press Confirm when prompted.
Step 4: Restart your PC and check if the No Audio error is solved.

These are the 4 solutions that are known to solve the Discord Screen Share no Audio problem for most of the users, if your problem is not yet solved follow some more possible solutions we have listed below.

More Solutions

If unfortunately your Audio error is not yet fixed, try the following things and it can work wonder, let us know which of the solutions worked for you.

  1. Just a Simple restart of the PC fixes the No-Audio error in Discord Screen Share, so make sure to try it the first before getting into any other solution.
  2. Avoid Full Windowed screen while doing screen share, Discord Screen share is reported to have No audio error in many cases who are trying it with full windowed screen, try exiting the full screen in your game and try screen sharing and check if the issue is solved for you.
  3. Clear Discord Cache: Try deleting the discord cache files and check if this solves the problem for you, there are possibilities of the cache files creating the problems, follow the steps given below to clear the Discord cache files.

    Step 1: Exit discord completely, you can kill discord through task manager to avoid any service running in the background.
    Step 2: Open Run Command box by pressing “Win key + R” and enter “%appdata%” in run and press enter.
    Step 3: Find the “Discord” folder in the “appdata” folder and Permanently delete the Discord folder, this will clear all the stored cache in your system by Discord and when you open discord it will launch a fresh start.
  4. Disable your Anti-Virus: Some Anti-Virus Softwares can block the operation of discord causing several errors including Audio Not working error in Screenshare, try disabling the Anti-Virus for some time and check weather this solves the issue for you.

Final Words

Hope the issue of Discord Screen Share No Audio is solved for you after applying the suggested fixes in this article, let us know which of the solutions worked for you in the comments section below. Don’t forget to share this article with your friends who love using Discord and facing the same issue. For more error fixes and technology, hacks keep visiting Quaries regularly.

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