How To Fix Discovery Plus Error Code 0c-c009?

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Discovery Plus Error Code 0c-c009

With so much exclusive content available on the internet the downsides are buying subscriptions to each service platform and then keeping track of the same. The least you can expect is the platform to function well without any roadblocks.

Discovery Plus is one of the relatively newer players in the online content streaming marketplace.

Many users buy subscriptions to catch interesting content from the platform. For the most part, the users are really happy with the platform except for when they encounter error codes on the platform.

There are some common issues on the platform like any other. When you launch services on a global scale, issues are bound to crop up. However, the issues that are common on the platform are listed and fixes for them are available both on the official support website as well as the user forums.

In this article, we will discuss how to fix Discovery Plus error code 0c-c009. We will also discuss the major culprits behind this error code as well as what it means.

What is the error code 0c-c009 on Discovery Plus?

The Discovery Plus error code 0c-c009 is a relatively common problem on the platform and is listed on the official support website.

It is essential to understand the underlying cause of the problem before trying to solve it.

The error code 0c-c009 occurs during live streaming, account log-in, or accessing titles in the media library on the platform.

This most likely is a server connection time-out error.

There can be many reasons behind this error code and we will discuss them in the next section.

Why does the error code 0c-c009 show up?

What are the different reasons that may cause you to lose connection to the servers when you are browsing or watching content on Discovery Plus?

This is the question that is important to identify the fix that will best suit your situation. We will make a list of reasons in this section for your convenience.

Here is why you might be facing the error code 0c-c009 on Discovery Plus.

  • The Discovery Plus server is down
  • You are trying the wrong credentials to log into your account
  • Your internet connection is slow
  • The Discovery Plus app on your device is not updated
  • The device that you are using is glitching
  • The browser that you are using to stream does not support Discovery Plus

These are some of the reasons that have been identified behind the error code 0c-c009 on the Discovery Plus platform.

How To Fix Disney Plus Error Code 0c-C009?

Based on the reasons that we have scouted above for the error code mentioned, there are certain fixes suggested.

You can take a look at the list and try to identify the option that is closest to your issue. This will make it easier for you to pick a relevant solution from the list we will mention in this section.

Here is what you can do to get rid of the error code 0c-c009 on Discovery Plus

Fix 1: The Discovery Plus server is down

To detect if this is the problem, Google any down detector website. These websites keep a track of user complaints and determine whether a server is down.

Once you can determine that the issue lies with the server, there is nothing much to do except wait for the server to go live again.

Fix 2: Your internet connection is slow

The uninterrupted streaming on Discovery Plus has some essential requirements: a stable internet connection.

The speed of the connection should also match the requirements for uninterrupted streaming.

You can get an idea about the upload and download speed of your connection by Googling any internet speed meter. 

This helps you identify the limitations of your internet connection based on the speed.

Fix 3: You are using the wrong credentials 

When you are trying to log into your account and you experience the error code 0c-c009, this means that you are maybe entering the wrong credentials.

With so many accounts to handle these days, it is very common to forget the exact passwords, especially on sites that have a strong password requirement.

Always double-check your credentials and click on the forgot password link if you cannot recall.

Fix 4: Your browser does not support Discovery Plus

There are some browser requirements that the platform has set. There are many new browsers that might not be yet compatible with Discovery Plus streaming.

Try switching your browser and look for the issue persistence on the new browser. If the new browser works, check if the earlier browser was on the list of compatible browsers. 

If not, choose the browser that is compatible with the platform.

Fix 5: The Discovery Plus app is not updated

The app that you use to stream Discovery Plus content needs to be updated on a regular basis.

The regular updates remove the glitches in the previous versions and also include new features for better compatibility with the app. If you fail to download the updates regularly, the version of the app that you are using will regularly cause trouble.

Make sure that the app is updated to the latest version and if you forget, turn on automatic updates.

Fix 6: The device you are using is glitching

The device that you are using to stream the content on Discovery Plus might be the actual issue with the stream without any other reason interfering at all.

If this happens, try to restart or power cycle your device and this eliminates the error.

Fix 7: Contact Discovery Plus support

If none of the fixes above seem to help you, contact the support team at Discovery Plus directly.

They will help you according to the exact scenario that you describe.


The error code 0c-c009 on Discovery Plus is not a serious error and can most probably be resolved through the fixes that we have suggested above.

In the cases that it does not happen, you can always contact the great support team at Discovery Plus.

We hope that this article was helpful. Keep following for more technical advice.

Happy Streaming!!

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