Does Cox Cable Have A Grace Period?

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Does Cox Cable Have A Grace Period

Cox communications have a very popular product which is the Cox cable. It lets you choose up to three services in a package and that is what has led to the popularity of this cable even after when it falls on the little expensive side when compared to other cables.

People have been comfortable paying a little extra due to the quality of services that you get with the cable. Also, the variety of services that the cable provides the users is a perk.

You can use the cable for streaming, home security, and internet all at once.

But when you are paying so much, certain things need to be kept in mind. One important question that users ask before investing in the cable is, Does Cox Cable have a grace period? In this article, we will explore the answer to this very question and what else you can add to make your experience with Cox communications seamless.

Does Cox Cable offer a Grace period?

What happens when you purchase the cable and you are not able to pay the full bill one certain month?

Does the cable stop working or do they give you some time to figure out the payments before bailing on you?

Let us discuss this in this section.

The short answer is, YES. Cox Cable does provide you with a grace period before terminating your services.

After your due date, you will be able to use the connection for the next five days before the services stop. You have five days to clear the dues for uninterrupted services with the Cox Cable.

In case of issues that are not related to payment, Cox gives you a grace period of 23 days. This is a reasonable grace period and gives you a lot of time to settle whatever issues you are facing with the cable. 

After 23 days, however, if the issue is still not solved, the services will be terminated without fail.

Is There Any catches?

As far as the five-day period is concerned, there are no catches but they do provide you extensions on request.

These extensions can be up to ten days but after the five-day grace period, each day that passes, you will be charged a late fee that will add to the bill that you need to pay. The services won’t be terminated if you request for extension but the late fee will add to the bill for sure.

Can you do something to make the experience a little better?

When you are expecting a delay in the fee payment for your Cox Cable, you need to call the customer support line at Cox communications and ask for an extension. 

The representatives will help you set up a payment plan that fits into your budget and also give you a date.

Sometimes, if you have a genuine reason and the history of payments has always been on time, the representatives may also wave your late fee so that you only have to pay the regular bill amount and not the added late fee.


Cox cable does offer you a grace period for the late payment of the dues. They are concerned with the customer issues and mostly want to work with you to solve the problem. 

In your capacity, you should maintain a calendar that provides you with a reminder on the day that you need to pay your bills and if you do not have a problem with the funds, then you should enable auto-payments for the cable according to your cycle so that you never forget and never have to deal with a late payment problem.

We hope that this information was helpful and you now have a better insight into the grace period of the Cox cable.

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