How To Fix Doordash error code HTTP 500?

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Doordash error code HTTP 500

Every once in a while if you feel like you do not want to cook but are starving you can now count on platforms like Doordash.

They can get you your favorite food delivered from your favorite restaurant.

The app interface is also really user-friendly and users really prefer the platform over the others in the same range.

There are however some errors on the app that can stop you from using the platform. It can be really infuriating in the moments that you are hungry and can’t get hold of any restaurants on the app.

The error codes are explained on the official support though and can be resolved with the help of suggested solutions.

There are also some solutions that are user-suggested as they try random solutions when the app fails.

In this article, we will discuss the Door Dash error code HTTP 500. We will also discuss what is the meaning of this particular error code and what are the reasons behind the error code.

What is the error code HTTP 500 on DoorDash?

There are several different error codes on each program and it is essential to understand what each of them means before there is any chance to solve them. 

In this section, we will try to decipher the meaning of the error code HTTP 500 on Door Dash.

If you get the error code HTTP 500 on Door Dash, this means that there is a server-side problem with the website on Door Dash.

There could be many reasons for this to occur and this is exactly why we will make a precise list of the error code reasons in the next section.

reasons behind error code HTTP 500 on DoorDash

The error code HTTP 500 is not a unique error code. There are some error codes that pertain to the general internet processes like the error code 404 means the page that you were looking for was not found.

Just like that, the error code HTTP 500 indicates a problem with the website programming or server issues.

There can be different reasons why you could be witnessing this error code. Here is the list of reasons that have been identified by the support as well as the users.

  • The PHP memory limit has been reached and cannot accommodate more
  • There is a cache or cookie backup on your browser memory
  • The .htaccess file is corrupt or broken
  • There is trouble with the third-party plugins that you use on your browser
  • You do not have the required permissions for access

These are some of the identified reasons for the error code HTTP 500. Make sure to go through the list to get a better insight into your options.

How can you fix the error code HTTP 500 on DoorDash?

According to the different reasons that could be for the error code showing up, there can be different fixes.

We will start from the simple fixes and then grade up to little technical ones. 

Fix 1: Refresh the page

When you first see the error code, the easy fix is to refresh the page. This usually repairs the links in the broken pages and also replaces the corrupt pages with a fresh copy.

This is however the easiest option of the lot and you might try this on your own anyway.

Fix 2: Visit the page later

If the page displays the error code even after the refresh, you can wait out the problem and visit the page later.

But this only works if it is convenient for you to leave the Door Dash site for a while. If you need to use the site right away, there are other solutions you can try.

Fix 3: Delete the Cache and Cookies on your browser

The cache and cookies on the browser could be using the precious memory resources that are needed to process the pages that you load.

There is an easy option that you can try for this. Clear the cookies and cache on the browser, close the browser, and refresh. Relaunch the browser and check if this solves this issue.

Fix 4: Deactivate the Third-party plugins that you are using.

The third-party plugins that you are using on the browser might hamper many pages processing on the browser.

You can disable the extra installed plugins that are on the list of suspicious plugins for you. Then relaunch the browser and check if the issue is solved.

Fix 5: Make changes to the PHP setup

As we discussed in the list of reasons, there is a limit to the PHP memory and it can only accommodate so much.

You might need to make changes to the PHP setup for this issue to get resolved. The permissions on the PHP setup can be changed to accommodate new installations.

Make changes for the PHP and CGI script containing folders and check if the issue gets resolved right after that.

Fix 6: Check if the Door Dash server is down

The Door Dash server might crash rarely in the circumstances that too many users are trying to access the site at the same time.

Look for any free Down Detector on the internet. The site will let you know whether the Door Dash server is down or not.

If the Door Dash server is down you can wait for the server to come back up. There is hardly anything else you can do in this situation other than wait.

Fix 7: Contact Door Dash support

The Door Dash support helpline is present in cases where you cannot get the hang of the error code that you are facing.

They will analyze the situation that you are facing and provide you with the exact solutions that might work for you.


The error code HTTP 500 on Door Dash is a common error that you might face with any other webpage on the internet.

There are many solutions that you can try to fix this issue and we have mentioned a list of the solutions in this article for your convenience.

Hopefully, this was helpful. 

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