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Whenever there is a game making up to the shelves and get popular among the mass, questions with the word “Free” in it is just a normal thing to come up. You see people searching for each and every possible way to find out whether there is any way with the help of which one can play their most desired game without having to pay the price.

Now, I am not saying or not even encouraging the fact that being able to play games developed by others is a good idea. Obviously because, Firstly, developing of a game consumes up a lot of time, wealth and effort. And secondly, everyone deserves to be acknowledged and paid up for their hard and dedicated work. 

But, still, there are times when having to pay up for a subscription or even simply purchasing a game for many can be quite a difficult or impossible wish to make true, simply because they cannot afford such leisure due to financial constraints.

I, too have faced such situations quite a number of times and could very well relate to the many who must have to go through that phase. It is truly a heart crunching feeling of having to control your desire to be able to play that all-time favorite and desired game just cause you are low on cash. 

And just so that you do not have to go through the same agony for this particular game, I have tried to cover in the following “How to download Minecraft for free” tutorial some of the steps with the help of which you should be able to download and play the game for free. But before we head straight to that part, I believe it would be a better idea to first understand little things related to “playing games for free”. 

Is It Possible To Download And Play Minecraft For Free?

The most important question I believe we have with us today is whether is it possible to download Minecraft for free or not. The answer to which is that it is very much possible. But, that does not mean that you jump in joy as there are other aspects to it too, which obviously we will discuss too in the following section, just so that you can understand well the crux of the whole “free to play” concept.

Buy’ the game online

Why Is it Not Such A good Idea?

Now, although I have said that downloading as well as playing the Minecraft game for free is very much possible. It is not entirely the case. Because, even if you are able to download and play Minecraft without having to pay a single dime. But you can’t, however, access and play the entire game. And that is exactly what none of the websites who claim to provide you with free access to such games will tell. 

Yes, the fact that you can install and play Minecraft for free is quite dubious. Since, even though you are able to download the game for free, you can’t, however, access the Internet with it, i.e. cannot access any servers, which means you cannot play with other players. All you can do the most in offline Mode that you can play the game in the “Single Player” with access limited to only a few basic features.

And thus, if you think you can manage it well with just playing in the Single Player mode and would not be tempted with trying out the Multiplayer Modes, which I would say is the main soul of the game. You can carry on with playing the game by following the shown “Steps on How to download Minecraft for free.”

Steps On How To Download Minecraft For Free

Below, I have tried to list out one of the most easiest and simplest way to download Minecraft for free. So, feel free to follow the steps as shown and enjoy playing Minecraft absolutely for free.

  • Firstly, since you will need to Extract the Minecraft file from a Zipped File. If you do not have a ‘Rar’ extractor, then I would advise you to download one from here

Rar File Extractor

  • Now, look for the ‘Rar’ file that suits your system’s processor and download it. In my case, since my PC runs on a 64-bit processor, I will download and install the second one from the above which is “WinRAR x64 (64-bit)”.
  • Once you have finished downloading the file, simply click on it and install it on to your PC.
  • Next, click on the following linkand download the game by clicking on the “Download” button.
  • Now, once the game has been downloaded, right-click on the file and click on the Extract here button or Extract in whichever Drive or Folder you desire. 
  • Once you click on the Extract button, you will be next prompted with a Pop-up screen asking to enter you the ‘password’. 
  • On the password bar type “1234” and click on the OK button.
  • Next, after extraction is completed, go to the extracted file location and find and run the “MinecraftInstall” app and let the installation process take place.
  • Now, once the installation is completed, launch Minecraft and start having fun playing the game.

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